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  • Congrats! It really is an amazing little thing. Looking back in the thread you reserved DWf Pachirisu and Lapras, which I have not traded for in the meantime. I can trade right now if you want.

    Cool, I will consider that...
    Hah cool. It can act kind of weird at times, let me know if you have any issues. The best thing you can do is to treat it as if it's a router.
    SID is just your secret ID, it's not displayed in the game but plays a vital role along with your regular ID in determining shininess. I have a couple of ways of figuring it out, all I need is something you caught/hatched which I do have.
    Hey congrats. It's actually fairly easy once you get used to it. If you want to do any shiny stuff it's the same process except good seeds are much rarer. Let me know if you need your SID as I do have some of your DW females.
    Hello. Basically, I have a whole team which I need EV trained, given items, and evolved. The only problem is i'm running out of flawless shinies to offer you, although I still have a few. So, if you're interested, I'm sure we can work out a very large scale trade of some sort, as you have always been helpful in the past. Thanks. :)
    The parents are very important. Exactly three IVs are inherited from the parents and the rest are from IV frame 8 (you're right on track with using the capture tab). When you find a seed and PID frame for breeding, the IVs will look something like this: "Ma, , Fe, , Ma, "

    The "Ma" shows inheritance from the male parent. In this example the baby would inherit the HP and SpDef IVs from the father. And of course "Fe" is the female parent, and in the example the baby inherits the Def IV from the mother. The blank spaces are taken from IV frame 8 - say in Time Finder you find a seed with IVs of 4, 31, 5, 31, 6, 0. In this example the baby is given a 31 in Attack, 31 in SpAttack, and 0 in Speed.

    So you can see that without 3 flawless IVs between the parents, breeding a flawless Pokemon is impossible. In theory it's easier to execute a capture with your desired IVs. However you miss out on a few things - egg moves, DW abilites, Pokemon that can't be captured in Unova, and having it at level 1. The Ferroseed you brought up could be achieved by having a flawless father, finding an IV frame 8 of x,x,x,31,31,0, and finding a PID frame that shows "Ma,Ma,Ma, , , ".
    I really couldn't find a great guide for breeding, I just used what knowledge I had from RNGing wild pokemon. The basic idea is just that the game takes 3 IVs at random from the parents, and then takes the rest of the IVs from IV frame 8. If none of the parents have any flawless IVs then you can never hatch anything flawless. The bare minimum for hatching a flawless Poke is 3 31 IVs between the parents. However this will not give you many results at all. Having one flawless parent is good and usually gets you a decent amount of results, and having both parents flawless is kind of overkill but gets you a ton of results.

    If you're doing shiny eggs and going for a specific nature, an everstone is almost necessary, otherwise you'll get very, very few results. It's certainly worth finding some flawless IV frames and catching Dittos at the Giant Chasm. For me it greatly expedites breeding.

    If you're trying to do non-shiny, you'll have better luck but there's no neat way to do it. You just have to search IV frame 8 for 3-4 31 IVs, and then use the seeds from time finder in the main window to find a PID frame that's flawless. One huge thing that helped me that I didn't read anywhere else is that you can right-click on the results in the main window, click "Display Parents in Search...", and enter the IVs of the parents and the ones you got from Time Finder. Makes searching for the right PID frame a ton easier.

    That was kind of a long post, hehe, let me know if you have any questions.
    Alrighty, once you find a good time let me know. I might recommend a wireless USB adapter if you're having a hard time finding an access point. It basically piggybacks onto your computer's internet connection, so wherever you have a connection be it a direct line, WPA wireless connection, etc you can always trade if you set the adapter to WEP. Works great and the connection is much more reliable than any router I used.

    Congrats on the RNGs, it's not so hard once you get used to it. Roamers are incredibly hard because the weather graphics advance the PID at a high rate, so be prepared for a challenge! Breeding is actually way easier than RNGing captures (especially for shinies). Once you have some flawless Dittos you're set.
    RNGing in 5th gen? If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

    Anyway your Larvitar is ready. Let me know when you get back, hopefully I'll be on so we can trade.
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