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Last Activity:
Mar 22, 2018
Nov 13, 2004
Likes Received:
Jun 2, 1990 (Age: 29)
Home Page:
the Reverse World
College, price manager, mod, lab assistant

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The Queen, 29, from the Reverse World

Encyclopika was last seen:
Mar 22, 2018
    1. Fujitsu
      Happy really, very, super late birthday to a really great mod.
    2. xxlildevilxx
      hi ecyclopedia! ive bin reading your stuff for a while and want to say your really great! your stories are what got me really into contestshipping. i always have a bunch of ideas but never get them down. im hoping to put some up on serebii soon.
    3. Gazmof
      Hey Encyclo, long time no talk. If I see you on AIM I'll be sure to say hi! Take it easy! ^^
    4. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      Well I am busy these days also due to Exams going on but I come to serebii in once in while to Refresh.
    5. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      Hi where are you living these days didn"t heard from you for a while. So do you like pokemon contests, I don't have that much interest in them.
    6. qwerqwer
      erm, because i always though otherwise and you just seemed like a guy
    7. qwerqwer
      holy **** your a girl?
    8. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      I posted in anime spoiler but don't worry I will solve this problem myself. So what are you doing?
    9. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      There is a problem with my account as I think my post count isn't increasing. What should I do?
    10. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      So you have turned 18, great age in life of a person according to my experience.
      I got two infractions today from geodude just bcoz we were making fun of him and he gives reason that I was double posting but these things happens when you post by cellphone. Whatever, mods are becoming active these days. Earlier you were the only one seen around.
    11. Tiffany
      Happy belated birthday, love! :D
    12. razor fire
      razor fire
      Happy (A little too late) birthday Encyclopika! Have a nice day!
    13. Water Spirit
      Water Spirit
      Happy Birthday. ^^ Hope you have a great day!
    14. crissy111
      Happy B-day Ama!!!! ~<:D

      A very good friend to all of us
      My favorite Contestshipping writer
      A soon to be birthday girl!

      (I was going to do it for "Encyclopika" but I couldn't think of anything for the "y".Sorry).:p
    15. chamo-chan
      Happy Birthday Encyclopika!!!!


    16. maxx unlimited
      maxx unlimited
      Happy Birthday!
    17. Volteon
      Hey Encyclopika! I remember you voting in some of my Face-offs, so I'm passing here to congratulate you =D
      Happy birthday!
    18. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      I didn't got that whats the fun in reporting. I think it is a wrong thing in common but if you say I will start reporting from now on.
    19. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      Reporting! Girl thats not my cup of tea. I was just talking to kirby about how these repititive threads have taken over the page 1
    20. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      So you locked all final team thread I thought Kirby did that bcoz I complained to her about it well nice work. You know once I made a thread about most powerful starter and you locked it and after 3 days someone made the same thread and it was not locked can you explain the reason to me.
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  • About

    Jun 2, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:
    the Reverse World
    College, price manager, mod, lab assistant
    Favourite Pokémon:
    The Shipping Fanfiction Mod :3

    Drawing and painting


    Encyclopika's Fic of the Moment:
    Status: Chaptered | R | Contestshipping | Finished

    Made the banner
    Is a GIRL. >.>;;
    Has a deviantART account and a Tumblr
    Is on Fanfiction.net.
    Need a moveset for a specific Pokemon for a specific contest? PM me!
    Don't reply to my infractions. It's not gonna change anything.

    Random friend requests do nothing. Let's actually talk first. >_<​