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  • Hey, I hope you are well. Don't forget to post in Sixth World and hope everything with you is alright
    Just a friendly non-pushy (but sort of) reminder: don't forget to post in "Weapons"!
    Hey, just popping over to ask if you plan of posting in Trinity at some point? You have been rather quiet there.
    I thought it better just to have Lupel actually revive me as things have gone stagnant most likely due to finals (I hate finals).
    All of you guys are going to have to bunny Jacob as he is now unconscious. He couldn't keep himself up any longer.
    YAY (not). I get to wait to see if darkjiggly lets Tranquility live or die now. FUN! Anyways, depending on the answer I get will determine how you and Zack get out of the blast radius, unless you think of something before I post. Also, would you like me to bunny your character tomorrow should I decide to post something, and what would you like me to post for you if you do let me? I would rather be the pen to write your actions than the author of your actions for a day.

    EDIT: Nevermind re: the Lucario thing. She gets to be scarred (literally and mentally) for life.
    Alright, I'll post something in a few days then. And yeah, I've noticed some of the people disappearing too... Too bad, really.
    Ah, I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Well, I guess I can cover my tracks by saying that Herman and the tank commander made a mistake in that regard, it is first person after all.

    Also, the aircraft Herman is flying is a fighter, similar to an F/A-18 Super Hornet, not a helicopter =)
    I must say, the onslaught of NPC's has been rather funny; although, that made up bomb darkjiggly made is rather uh... efficient. I think Jacob may actually have something more to be scared of besides his inner demon.
    I hope to post something before my lab starts, but I need to finish our current lab first (shouldn't take long). Also, I think we may have to ditch the other two. I really don't want to but the action is kicking quickly, and our characters need to start getting in it. Also, Jacob does have a plan. ;)
    Nice strategic analysis! Thats a good question as to how many reinforcements the UN would send. It would probably still be a lot but also probably less than infinite. Maybe..
    Hey, about the Weapons rp, I was planning to have Yn go talk to Kilber (go pester him about not drinking or something like that), but I just wanted to ask whether you're still up for continuing the rp at all or not, first. I don't want to go pestering your character (and you) if you've decided to drop. I just figured some interaction might help people post and possibly save the rp.
    Yeah, and I had a bunch of fun ideas that I think you all would enjoy, but between Matrixbeast vanishing, Xlugon not responding, and sequel and storymaster being quite otherwise-occupied, it just doesn't leave much room to survive. I'll wait a while to call time of death, but...
    I'm sorry for this "disturbing FR"
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