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  • Hey, man, how've you been doing? It's been a while... and from what I can see, I was the one who was sent a message but didn't respond to it. Whoops.
    I think this is the largest delay in the history of the universe, SORRY for that. I've been a little inactive for the past... year, really.

    So, now the remakes are out (for a long time) and the Frontier Brains didn't even get in. Shame, I'd really like to see how they'd look after a redesign. But I think all the references are curious; the Battle Tower model, the mentions about Scott and the Pike Queen... I wonder if they'll pull HGSS on us and include the Hoenn Frontier in the next Kalos game(s). Sure, it would be in another region, but we know there are equal Frontiers in the Pokémon World, canonically — I remember Caitlin mentioning there are Battle Castles in Sinnoh and Johto so, if anything, the only non-canon part about these is both regions having the same Frontier Brains.

    And turns out there is a problem with Mega Evolution, since X and Y state the first Pokémon to Mega Evolve was a Lucario, and ORAS state the first Mega Evolution witnessed by mankind was Rayquaza's. Perhaps the former is referring specifically to a Mega Stone-triggered Mega Evolution, while the latter refers to Mega Evolution in general? Now I wonder whether the next Kalos game(s) will keep that in mind or simply ignore.

    And now a multiverse was referenced. Interesting. That potentially makes all versions canon; for instance, there is a universe where Black and Black 2 are the canon story (I still think they make more sense, personally), another where White and White 2 are. One for HeartGold, one for SoulSilver. And so on.

    Again, sorry for the gigantic delay.
    New 3DS exclusive

    "XY and ORAS had problems running 3D in battles with more than two Pokemon, so we thought that upgrading the hardware would alleviate that."
    "Did it?"
    what if

    Mewtwonite is actually the Mega Stone of an extinct Pokemon that was a closer descendant of Mew

    alternative idea: the Mewtwonite in XY was artificial (it was found with Mewtwo), but the Mewtwonite in ORAS was created by the energies of Primals/nature/weather/NatDex, which is a more plausible timeframe for Mewtwo's creation -> XY
    Hi there I read you need a Blazikenite. I can trade it for your Charizardite X n a leftovers.
    Yeah, that's fair, it's not as easy to assert as the main plotlines in terms of importance, so I could see that being more arguable. I also agree with your point about BW's postgame as while there are moments that have to be addressed for B2W2 to work, there are not as hard to explain and can still be done while not losing the mini-plots that the post-games do provide.

    And that's definitely possible, GF can definitely overlook some things. :p

    As for your theory, that could work. They did it before by writing FRLG and HGSS into the timeline of their newer games, so they could do the same with these games as well and then include the others as they go along.
    Thinking about it though, I think it depends on what they do with the story in these games. If Mega Evolution is treated rather secretly or not given that much fanfare by most of the main characters, they could get away with it being kept quiet about for some time, particularly if they try to pull an FRLG and lock out that mechanic until post game (which I doubt, but it is possible). If it's more in the public eye, then the issue becomes much more dubious and in that case, the timeline has more likely shifted to accommodate for the remakes. Hell, maybe we're wrong in assuming the remakes are canon and the originals are the ones that takes precedence over them. Either way, we'll know soon enough as more information comes out about this, so maybe this issue could be left on the table until then.
    I'm not sure the that it being post game justifies its exclusion. It's not like it's a fanservice driven thing that when you think about it, doesn't make sense, it's two characters that can easily be there and don't overwrite anything that came before or during B2W2. Plus, post game content typically adds more then it really takes away. The Heatran event for instance is in the post-game, but it does do something notable as it ties up the loose ends with Team Galactic and Looker. Also, we learn about Platinum's placement in the time in the BW post game, which is a useful tidbit to have. So I guess my stance on this is I think what happens in the post-game is for the most part canon, there's more to gain with that.

    Now it's possible that it happened recently, but it would really cut it close. They basically had to have had the grunts disband from their teams, meet each other sometime after, then became a couple, and then plan to move to live in a far away country. Hypothetically, that would require a lot of time to happen between the events of ORAS and moving to Unova. So it's a rather complicated scenario in that case.

    Also, we do know that Mega Evolution existed long before it was in the public eye, yet no one knew or talked about it until XY. Compare that to Fairy Typing, which while isn't given as much fanfare, still made some waves as you have trainers and Gym Leaders starting to specialize in it, and it was given a reason for not being stated earlier in the timeline (as convoluted it made things in the process). So hypothetically Hoenn could've played close to the chest about their own Mega Evolutions like Kalos did until XY, at which point, that information finally made it to him and Sycamore doesn't have to look completely oblivious. Then again, we are talking about the same guy who couldn't see the hints that his friend was a leader for an evil organization, so maybe he was that absentminded and didn't notice. :p
    Oh I see, yes I get the mix between Megastones beeing Kalos only, but I guess they will try to fit the remakes into the timeline, as far as I'm aware they are a big bunch of stuff showing us that there's a timeline in the pokémon universe and as long as I remember they quite fit fith the "official" timeline we have. Guess we need to wait and see. Thanks for your answer.
    Ah, fair enough on the Steven point, I guess that one could be treated as rather general.

    I disagree about the grunts though, they mention that "they fought to expand the land/sea," which is a major conflict between the two teams that we only see happen in RSE's events. So them being in B2W2 does at least greatly imply that those events happened before those games. As for Fairy typing, while that isn't mentioned as much as Megas, that is still a notable discovery nonetheless as, by what the old man said, "type matchups have changed forever!" That means that the battle dynamics are now greatly shifted and there would be a need for the trainers and researchers to adapt to this new change. That's not something I'd think would slip through the cracks so easily, particularly since the professors are known to be in contact with each other.

    So really, either XY or B2W2 is contradicted, but considering that Sycamore is still learning more about Mega Evolutions, it can just as easily be said that he doesn't know about it yet, and will get that knowledge soon enough.
    Wally really needs a redesign

    feel like continuing this here so we don't veer too far into mega mega mega in the non-mega thread and its more htinking aloud:
    I feel like they were intentionally playing it safe with mega evolution in XY to gauge interest. That's why you had basically every rule about it come out at once and they said "Only in the Kalos region!"
    In this way, if it's not received well/at all, they could just never have it show up again (though probably make an effort to keep the mega stones available because hey the ones they made are already there)

    issue: they played it too safe. It would be like if they said that the 6th gen pokemon were ONLY found in Kalos, period, forever and then woops Kalos pokemon in [region].
    I was actually kidding about the thousand arms, but I can see a Primal Arceus happening. Primal Heatran could be a nice addition, poor thing is probably the most overlooked legendary Pokémon of all time. While I agree that we don't know how old Lugia and Ho-Oh are supposed to be, I was thinking about what you said later: it would be fair for all the "main" legendaries to have a powered-up form. (I just don't know what they could do for Xerneas and Yveltal, eventually... Mega Evolutions? They're supposed to be linked to the creation of Mega Stones, aren't they?). On that matter, I'd like all the starters to have Mega Evolutions too.

    I don't think those references will be a problem, either. Mirage Tower is probably exactly what the name says; and if B2W2, XY and ORAS take place at a short distance from each other, there is time for the B2W2 post-game to happen after the Aqua/Magma scheme has ended.
    Sidney will be interesting to see. I wonder how the Frontier Brains will look too, if they're in the games (I hope they are). Good point about the villains. The members of Team Magma and Aqua were pretty interchangeable in the original games, and I think they're going to change it this time; the new design gave me the same impression you had, that Maxie will be cold and cunning while Archie will be brash and hot-blooded (quite ironic considering their respective team themes, magma and water). The same applies to the Admins, they all look more unique, and I hope they will act accordingly. I just hope they don't make the villains stereotypical as many people believe they will be judging by their appearances.

    The idea of Champion Steven before the credits and Champion Wallace after the credits, while unusual, has a somewhat similar precedent, gameplay-wise: in Black and White, you faced the Elite Four and then N/Ghetsis as the final bosses before the credits, and the Elite Four and then Alder as the final boss after the credits, in the rematches. (the difference would be plot-wise, but I think it could be done)

    In certain towns, they could use the Poké Mart buildings to have the best of both worlds: both the RS Contest Halls and the Emerald Battle Tents. I think it would be a much better use of their space.
    On the Poké Marts, I'm not too keen about them either. I always thought it was a clever idea to make them part of the Pokémon Center, because that made the Center feel more... complete, and at the same time it kept the only thing that really matters in the Poké Mart (outside of the counter, pretty much everything else in the building is there just for the sake of being there). I'm still hoping this backward step is something that will be changed in the final product, there's no real reason to keep the Mart separate.

    I find the idea of Primal Pokémon very interesting, and they may be setting a new element here. If there are Primal Groudon and Kyogre, why not... say, Primal Lugia? Primal Arceus and its thousand arms? On the other side of transformations, about the new Mega Evolutions... I really liked the starter Megas (poor Torchic, I think no one will pick it since pretty much everyone already has Mega Blaziken) and I think I might like Mega Diancie better than regular Diancie. I didn't care much for Mega Sableye, though.

    I think the plot will be retconned to happen by the time of or sometime after X and Y. I don't remember any solid timeline reference back in RSE (like the Red Gyarados broadcast in DP), so they can do it. Otherwise, I think Hoenn people must have been laughing at Sycamore for thinking he's such a pioneer by "demystifying" something they've known and been using for years.
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