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Last Activity:
Feb 11, 2017
Feb 19, 2012
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Endolise was last seen:
Feb 11, 2017
    1. Excitable Boy
      Excitable Boy
      I actually only have Skrelp, not Clauncher. I could get trade a Swirlix with Whipped Dream and trade back, though.

      But yeah, I'm around now. Just connect to the Internet via PSS on the bottom screen, and I should show up on your list of Friends.
    2. Excitable Boy
      Excitable Boy
      Aight, when'll you be around? I'm not really doing anything today, so lemme know what time works for you.
    3. Ver-mont

      Oh, there's that. I wouldn't doubt it, to make it worse. But I'm hoping they'll be picking Venusaur instead...

      On an unrelated note, I liked to know that Valerie is from Johto. Now I see her Furisode Girl trainers as a reference to her region's Kimono Girls (and she even picked the most Johto-ish town in Kalos to live, Laverre reminds me of Ecruteak and Violet).
    4. Taodragon
      Yeah, definitely! :D

      Here's my friend code: 4253 4855 5860

      I won't be finished for a while though, I'm pretty behind due to school.
    5. Ver-mont
      Okay, finally got it. It's 3582-9622-5627
    6. Ver-mont
      Really? Oh, those guys. Yveltal is so much cooler, even though it has an unfair type disadvantage.

      At least you can help me getting a Charizardite X with your contacts haha

      I'm trying to go slowly with the game this time.
    7. Ver-mont
      Me too. I'll send you my friend code when I put my hands on that 3DS again, it's with my sister right now.
    8. Ver-mont
      Finally, my 3DS and game arrived. You're playing too, right?
    9. EmphaticPikachu
      alright. Thank you. ^^;;
    10. EmphaticPikachu
      Ugh, at this point, I'm over it and don't even wanna start anything. I'm going to delete my recent posts.

      Mind deleting your responses to me about the whole "god" thing? It's nothing against you, I just really don't want any hints to what I was arguing before. I'm really afraid of a misunderstanding, and it just seems more and more useless the more I look at it.

      Sorry. >_<; I just really don't want to get into that a discussion like that. I'll be thinking about it ALL night and I'll probably wake up to his/her response. qq...I have a problem with that.

      "As far as I know, that is what "omnipotent" means. Omni = all, potent = powerful. That is, something with omnipotence would have power over everything. I don't really know what else it could mean. :P"
      From here on is what I mean.
    11. Excitable Boy
      Excitable Boy
      cool, lemme know when you wanna do this thang
    12. SoulOfSilver
      Thank you so much! I knew I was missing a step..
    13. Excitable Boy
      Excitable Boy
      because trading is just too hard?
    14. Excitable Boy
      Excitable Boy
      What are you doing, restarting your files?
    15. Excitable Boy
      Excitable Boy
      hey Endo, you've got one of those Yveltal dealies, right

      wanna do a Dex trade/back for my Xerneas
    16. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Ah, you work, too? How old are you? What's your job? (I work at Trader Joe's. I'm 16.) Ooh... a wedding sounds nice. Multiple weddings, though... well, I don't envy you. Was it a beloved family member or a friend? The leaks are very easy to drown in. I've made the firm decision to avoid any spoilers that are story-related, though. I probably would have found the Generation V storylines even more enjoyable if I hadn't known what would happen beforehand.

      Thank you. =) I'm doing well, thanks! The school year's beginning to rev up now. I need to work harder to avoid getting bogged down now. XD Yeah, I'm doing good, though, thanks.

      I know what you mean. There's quite a lot of interesting stuff there to read and check out. (Just curious, which one was the favorite?)

      Well, it's emerging in Fanfiction, at least. There's a Harry Potter crack fic with plenty of references to it, if you're interested. Its (rather appropriate) title is Ron the Death Eater. (More like aspiring writer. I've had an idea for a story for quite a while, but it's currently in Development Hell. That, and I'm busy.)

      Thanks. =)

      Yeah, so it seems. Eventually, though, the buzz and hype will die down, and people will once again look around for things to interest and amuse themselves with. If your belief regarding Arceus's deism (or lack thereof) becomes one of them, try it. It should leave the majority of them quaking in their boots. The leftovers should make for interesting debates. ;)

      I don't see much reason for it to have been taken down, but yeah, what a read. As I said before, it was pretty heated but pretty fun, as well. =)
    17. Ver-mont
      I see what you did there...

      Delphox would be a fine candidate to the name, that's true (but I think I'll train a female Delphox, so... Morgana... Hermione... Zatanna, who knows).

      And now we have Mega Houndoom too! Another very, very good one. (and it was on the list too, I think our theory will prove correct)

      Mega Dunsparce would be interesting to see. Just imagine what they could do with it, it could become a Normal/Dragon or something.
    18. Ver-mont
      Oh, I'm an old Avatar TLA fan, even though I haven't watched it for years now haha
      He does remind me of Guru Pathik too, even though Merlin was the first one that came to my mind

      I'm in love with Mega Banette. I need one of those.

      It wasn't there, though a lot of unlikely ones (Pinsir, Heracross) were. I'm guessing by this point that all Pokémon there will get Mega Evolutions, but not just those.
    19. Ver-mont
      All hail Alakamerlin
    20. Dragalge
      Heheheheheheheh it sure isn't, I can tell you that.
      Oh god, rate it on a scale of 1 - 10, I have been mostly unspoiled but from the looks of it, I have feeling it's going to be deep. D:
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