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Feb 11, 2017
Feb 19, 2012
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Feb 11, 2017
    1. Taodragon
      Yeah, I really think at this point that the Norse theory is just going to be the accepted one, which is disappointing. I really do think that we should look into other possibilities for these legendaries like Hindu and Celtic mythology, but I'm worried that it'll just be blown off no matter what we present.
    2. Ver-mont
      I was thinking about bioluminescent organisms. Many of them emit a greenish glow, it would be awesome if there was an Electric Pokémon based on one of them, using green electricity.

      Yes, they should really try to use this concept more often. If one of our hidden legendaries turns out to be Fire-type, I hope it has unique flames.

      I had the same impression as you. It will definitely get at least a new Forme, either for the Z version or the... ZX (Mega Man feelings) and ZY versions. I can see them going either way with this, but they could at least make the third version a sequel if it's only one. That way we can get the best of both worlds (catching both original version legendaries in a single game is one thing that pops into my mind).

      When I saw it's about "Order", I thought it maybe represents the balance between life and death. Does it make any sense? Some things have to go for new things to come, and we can't have too much of just one or just the other, there must be... order. That's what I thought when I saw it, but who knows?

      Yeah, I didn't... but I forgive Zygarde because it's just so awesome that I gloss over it being another Dragon mascot.
    3. Taodragon
      Hey there, I wanted to run this by you. With the "Z" legendary out, I found that one other theory has popped up over at Bulbapedia. Rather then the legendaries being based off of Norse or Celtic mythology, they're thinking that maybe they're based off of this trinity: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trimurti With Zygarde as Vishnu (the preserver), Xerneas as Brahma (the creator) and Yveltal as Shiva (The Destroyer).

      Similarly, Zygarde may take some cues from Ananta Sesha, the multi-headed serpent god that held the universe in its hood.
    4. Ver-mont
      Oh, a Pokémon with green electricity would be my favorite Electric-type right away! I hope we get there. We're finally seeing some Pokémon with blue electricity (like Pachirisu), I hope they try new electricity colors in the future. A legendary mascot with green electricity would automatically outclass its counterpart; if Zekrom's shiny color scheme was its default, I'd have chosen it right away.

      Good catch, Sacred Fire has been depicted as purple for some time now.

      Oh, but that looks so much better. The picture I had seen made it look much more brownish, this one is much better. I still think it would be nicer if it was yellow and black like Braixen, but it actually looks considerably better than I though.

      In fact. But I do think something like eternity is a good guess; it's something without a birth/start and that can't die/be destroyed. Who knows?
      I hope it gets a good typing if it exists haha

      Good night!
    5. Ver-mont
      Litwick and Reshiram are the only cases I remember too; by the way, Reshiram being able to use blue fire was one of the things that made me love it. It's a shame that almost all Pokémon use standard yellow fire and electricity (I'm now thinking of Zekrom's shiny form; that green electricity looks so good, especially when combined to its dark color scheme).

      I wish I could get both Charizardites in the same game. It's really hard to pick just one of the Mega Charizard.

      In fact, it was a pretty sudden color change from Quilladin to Chesnaught. They should have put some of that light tan shade on Quilladin, so it would be a smoother transition. Like the Oshawott line: first white with some light blue, then light blue with some dark blue, then dark blue. I hope you're right about Delphox's robe, that helps the design for me. The image I saw made it look like a muddy brown, which definitely did not look good.

      I agree that it fits their themes and I was bothered by that other part too — I know the mascots don't always have a fair relation when it comes to types (Kyogre and Groudon), but I do prefer when they're more equal. I hope they give Yveltal some Poison-type moves, I think it would fit (by the way, I would have liked that type for it, Dark/Poison... since it represents death, destruction and such, Poison would be fair enough). Talking about themes, I was wondering what the third legendary could be about.
    6. Ver-mont
      Charizard X has an amazing color scheme, it fits so well - and I like blue flames a lot (it's so rare to see in Pokémon), but you're right, Charizard Y does have a more qualitative design. I think the perfect Mega Charizard would combine Y's design and X's colors haha

      Chesnaught looked a little awkward at first, perhaps because its arms are too big, but I decided I like it. I think my problem with Delphox is that I was waiting something more... elegant. And the brown, definitely the brown (I still hope it's supposed to be a deep red and the bad quality of the pictures make it look brownish). I honestly think it would look better if it kept Braixen's yellow and black color scheme. Greninja is the only one I liked right away, it took no time to get used to.

      I must confess I was a little disappointed by the mascots' types, though. Fairy and Dark/Flying are kind of... bland types. Generations IV and V brought us legendaries with such unique combinations, I think they spoiled me... though said Generations did have the downside of having Dragons for all mascots, I'm glad they avoided this now.
    7. Ver-mont
      I'm torn this time. Fennekin was my favorite base starter, but although I do like Delphox (it took some time to warm up to it, but still) I ended up liking Chesnaught and Greninja more. I'm seriously considering picking Chespin or Froakie. And I always picked the Fire starter, except for Unova, so it would break the pattern.

      That way, I can even pick Charmander as my Kanto starter, for old time's sake. (even though I'll play the Y version, so I'll get the less impressive Mega Evolution; Mega Charizard Y is basically what I think Charizard's design should have been from the start)
    8. Ver-mont
      Long time no see (talk, actually).

      If I may ask, what's your choice of Kalos starter?
    9. Locormus
      It's that weird moment, where you think: I do fit all the symptoms.. But am I?
      - First game played: Red
      - Game most recently played: Red
      - Susceptible to nostalgia: Yes
      - Generation most liked: First Gen.
      - Generation least liked: Gen V.
      - Do I remember my first Red team?: Yes. Charizard, Venusaur (I traded), Pidgeot, Nidoking, Snorlax and Primeape.
      - Did I use Missingno: Yes.
      - Do I still look back on those days when you were sure that there was a Mew under the truck and traded a Scyther over with Cut just to bypass the SsAnne from leaving?: Yes.
      - Did I abuse my brothers Pokemon Yellow to actually get a Mew?: Yes
      - Does my brother know that he isn't currently in possession of his Yellow version (he's 26)?: No.
      - Conclusion: Genwunner.
      - BUT WAIT! Do you like other generations?: Yes, to a degree.
      - Then you're not a genwunner! HAPPY DAYS! :D
    10. Oshakpop
      I hate him so much I cut him out Must of deleted him by accident haha!
    11. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      still don't like him
    12. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
    13. BCVM22
      we don't do it just for the sake of saying "neener neener I can Pokémon better than you!").
      wait we don't
    14. Wizardly Oz
      Wizardly Oz
      How kind, thank you. I appreciate it. :)
    15. Taodragon
      Really? Just because of a trenchcoat? That's really odd, I guess certain features just make people assume the worst and they gravitate towards it.
    16. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark

      I've found it! Our Big Debate!!! It's on the other side of that link!
    17. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      I'd be lying if I said "Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with that", but don't worry; I don't terribly mind, and I forgive you. (I'm also sorry if that last part of the statement sounded presumptuous or arrogant; I couldn't find a better way to phrase it.) Yeah, getting distracted is pretty easy, especially for us Web Surfers - like right now, for instance; I'm supposed to be doing homework. *Facepalms* I'll get back to it in a bit.

      I've got a large part of it down, too; somewhere between a third and a half. I find it enjoyable and refreshing. It's also pretty helpful for aspiring writers of fiction like myself, and it's introduced me to some pretty good anime and manga, to boot. (Like Clannad and Fullmetal Alchemist, to name a couple.)

      Yeah, thanks. =) "Just because" is never a good enough reason for believing something. Those "beliefs" could be turned at the flick of a switch (or in this case, a logical counter argument). As I believe that I stated before, you determination and your willingness to debate others about their beliefs are triats of yours that I also admire. Keep it up!

      (Also, I've noticed that the occasional ne'er do-well on the forums will occasionally comment that "Arceus is God" just to poke fun at your signature. Respond by asking him what makes them think so, and offer to engage them in debate. Ten to one says that he'll chicken out.)
    18. Xyllerion
      Arceus IS god!
    19. storm12
      Ah right :) thanks for posting that link!

      That is interesting- that Kyurem represents Void/Absense thus it Ice typing is quite ingenious; though you could have argue the two Dragons could have had Fire/Ice as opposing forces, Kyurem's them with Ice is actually more interesting, as Kyurem represents Privation- thus how you said, when fusing with it's 'sibling' dragons one at a time, it not only takes on, but almost amplifies those characteristics, as they then make up 2/3 of what was once a whole- so the dragon ends up in unbalance.

      thank you :)

      The I ching, Ba Gua- the thing my signature is about :) the 8 trigrams split into 4 female [Earth, Fire, Wind and Marsh in that order, well the other order maybe], 4 male [Heaven/sky, Thunder, Water, Mountain] and with each having corresponding traits of these phenomona as well as a 'family' dynamic. I found this page which is quite interesting :)


      Yah- word on the street is Frogadier really trips you out too! Or, If you can get hold of a Buttefree 'sleep powder' might be worth a try ;) or Silver Wind, or Bug Buzz.. or get hold of a Scizor and try some X-Scissor... Whoa all the Bug moves sound like drugs!
    20. Taodragon
      Haha, maybe so! I notice a lot of fans prefer the male design, maybe that mindset has corrupted them. :p

      Yeah, poor thing has it really bad. If it wasn't for the anime, we wouldn't have any references for the poor thing outside of sprites.
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