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Feb 11, 2017
Feb 19, 2012
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Endolise was last seen:
Feb 11, 2017
    1. storm12

      that is an interesting idea- that between Reshiram and Zekrom there is the masculine in the feminine and vice versa- like a Taijitu :)

      To me, Ho-Oh is like the [female] I ching element of Fire and sort of carries feminine traits in the notion of birth/rebirth- through parthenogenesis perhaps, something only usually achieved by female or hermaphroditic species.

      Lugia is like the [male] I Ching element Water.

      I think it is a serendipitous part of their design, if you look at Zekrom, you could suggest that there is something evokocative of a vulva or a womb in its design between it's legs. So it is a very interesting point that there they can both be seen as hermaphroditic and encompassing themselves and each other- which calls out the inseperability of these forces, though they can identified they cannot be truly parted- if you now what I mean; no sky without Earth, no light without darkness, no cold without heat.

      Wow, I feel I might have licked one too many palpitoad backs haha :P
    2. storm12

      Hmm, I dunno if I was around when that was posted- I'm not too familiar with Celtic myth, I was basing my associations more on Greek really. Also it could be said, that the Y evokes the shape of the Uterus- suggesting life and Xerneas' Bone Antlers and legs suggesting death- a kind of mutual reciprocity in these two legends.

      Well going from Gold and Silver and gender, I'd say Lugia was more 'male' and Ho-Oh more 'female' based on Eastern myth-with the Fenghaung having more of a female assocation? Or isn't that the one where the Feng is male and Huang is female? I dunno :P

      All the other cover legends besides Zekrom and Reshiram, I see neutral if masculine traits tbh- aside from Reshiram but I still see it as male, but more feminine.

      Hmmm, I see the fur suggesting a phallus with Reshiram but I dont quite see it with Zekrom? The tail? Would be pretty creepy if it was concious hehe- probably was just some Freudian design slips :P
    3. Taodragon
      I wish you luck! :)

      Really? So poor female Unfezant got nothing while all of the forms even get artwork? That's really strange...
    4. Taodragon
      That would be a very interesting and helpful tool to have, especially since some of the things we get from Bulbapedia is taken using those methods. Even if it's not for DW, you could use it to get artwork off of some of the other sites, which is always nice to see as well. :)

      Hopefully if push comes to shove though, we'll be able to get and have those skills by then so that we can get that artwork from the site.
    5. Taodragon
      Link's broken unfortunately, but yeah, I didn't notice it when I was looking earlier. XD

      Aye, but maybe we should take matters into our own hands and either find out how they rip the artwork from the site or find some help in doing so ourselves? :p
    6. Taodragon
      You're welcome. :)

      I know the feeling, I've also been looking for DW Kyurem form art for a while now as well (along with some others, like Groudon) and so for I've had the same luck. I'm hoping that someone will upload them soon because I am worried that with XY coming out DW will close down before they get to it and it'd suck to miss out on that artwork.
    7. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Heh, I sometimes do that, too. I like TV Tropes.
    8. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Endolise! I read this post.

      You're a Troper, too?
    9. Ditto24
      I would have +1 you for the 'Flying Lizard' comment but I'm not allowed coz I've already +1 you recently.
    10. LadyTriox
      Hi whats up^^
    11. Ditto24
      Cheers :) Can't wait to have one of the little guys!
    12. NimhShambler
      Cool! Someone else that watched Brisco County Jr.!
    13. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Heh, no worries! I (unforunately) forget to respond to messages, too. For example, I saw your message last night, but I didn't get around to it until now. =P Shame on me.

      I also have the habit of getting quite aggressive while debating. Like the whole "Arceus is/isn't Pokémon's Kami-sama" debate. I got quite fired up by that one, and I was far more eager to see the next post (and attempt to shred the arguments that it contained) than I should have. =P I'm on my school's debate team for a reason, but I still shouldn't get that bloodthirsty.

      I must also say, you're a pretty good debater. I'm still convinced that Arceus is the "God of Pokémon", but truth be told, I'm not as set in stone in that belief as I was. There are some things that people won't be able to convince each other of simply through debate, but one can always give their best shot. You and BCVM were extremely admirable opponents - your arguments were presented quite cleanly and were very well thought out. I got far too fired up while debating you, but looking back at the encounter, I also enjoyed it a lot.

      Lastly, I admire your realization of a flaw of yours and your willingness to correct it (and your willingness to use a comment intended to make fun of you, no less.) I often have trouble doing the same.

      Say, let's be friends.
    14. mew 2000
    15. mew 2000
      mew 2000
      i keep hearing about a theory you amde up that was super long disproving acrues as the pokemon god, please link me xD
    16. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Aw, you put my quite in your signature? =3 I'm touched!
    17. MidnightFennekin
      Ew! Lickylicky tongue germs!

      Personally, I think Arceus was a god, until it used up all it's power.
    18. MidnightFennekin
      ARCEUS IS GOD!!!!!!

      Sorry, I saw the quote in your sig, I had to :p
    19. Excitable Boy
      Excitable Boy
      Aww, thanks, man.

      You're making my soul feel all fuzzy.
    20. Dragalge
      Tell me where it says Arceus isn't a God. According to the lore, he created Pokemon Earth and is considered a God.
      Duty calls again my friend on the topic of Arceus's supposed "God" status.
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