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  • Oh, I just have this time when I randomly leave for a while and then come back. I don't know why it happens, but it always does.

    I also feel I'm not as excited as most people. You know something is a little off when the thing you're most curious about in a new Pokémon game is character design. Not that I'm not curious about, say, new Mega Pokémon or new forms, I'm just not as curious about them as I am about the characters and their redesigns. I loved Roxanne and can't wait to see her full artwork (I hope it comes in July, the first Leader is usually revealed early). May is excellent, and I even liked Brendan (except for his eyes, it really does look a little like strabismus in the artwork, sorry artist); the slightly darker skin really fits the tropical feel of Hoenn -- and they made it pretty clear this time that he doesn't have white hair, people won't be fooled again. While I liked Team Aqua and Magma, I must say I don't quite like Maxie and Archie themselves, at least not yet. I liked their old designs better. Simpler, sharper, more ellegant.

    I'm just wondering... will they follow the RS route or the Emerald route for the Hoenn League? I can think of two options I like, to make use of both. Either you face Steven as the Champion for the first battle and then Wallace as the Champion for the rematches (while the Steven rematches would be in Meteor Falls and the Sootopolis Gym rematches would be against Juan), or they could make Steven the Champion in Omega Ruby (Groudon, land, minerals) and Wallace the Champion in Alpha Sapphire (Kyogre, ocean, water). I just wanted them to acknowledge both Hoenn Champions, I think it would be better than picking one and ignoring the other.

    (wait up, Part Two coming, I hope you're in a reading mood)
    Hello! (yes, I'm alive)

    What do you think about the ORAS news?
    (I don't think I've been to the forums since way before they were announced)
    Yeah, this onslaught of new megas isn't helping things. I think at this point we'll have maybe four-five more if we're really lucky. Showing us a bunch now probably wasn't the best idea, because I fear they'll run out of new things to show leading up to release. It's a remake, so a lot of people already know what to expect...

    I mean, it's not like I don't want to see some Gen IV and V mega evolutions. I think a lot of those pokemon could really benefit. But I don't think we'll see them for several more years.
    Precisely. We've already gotten three, I'm thinking that if we get any more (and we may to showcase some Hoenn pokemon), it'll be no more than three or four others, tops. They reneged on their word with Diancie but I'm reasonably sure they're going to hold any other Gen V and VI megas until Gen VII at the absolute earliest. Diancie is only getting it's mega now because it's moment in the spotlight is going to pass in short order, and after this event, it's unlikely it'll be obtainable again for several years.
    Like do people really lack the common sense to realize that no, we're probably not getting 20 new megas in the middle of a generation, patch or no? I love discussing new games but so many of these members give me a migrane.
    Bwaha. ;D
    There have been a few instances where I wish I could have doled out some Rep as well.
    Yeah, I originally disregarded it because "lol post game events aren't canon," but once I went back to HGSS and read up details about Embedded Tower as well as your comment, I started thinking that maybe HGSS's new take on Hoenn mythology (specifically, the orbs and the inclusion of the Jade Orb) could very well be the status quo in this remake. Of course, it makes more sense too considering that Rayquaza is the only one that needs a condition to be awakened, but somehow could be awakened if the player character went to battle it.
    Even though that would make literally no sense and would contradict everything that we have been told by the games?

    Alright then, I guess.
    Common sense in a thread that exists for the sole purpose of allowing people to ignore it outright? You know better.
    I hope the Fire-type Starter doesn't become another Fire/Fighting-type...
    why the f*ck would a chicken be Fighting-type, it's obvs Flying

    it's probably just another Fire starter that's going to use Charizard's stat distribution, there's no reason they'd change that
    Part 2:

    My competitive streak is really wishy-washy. It only fires up when something I care about is concerned. Debate tournament? Video games? I go all out, no holds barred. I almost become The Unfettered. As long as I am not breaking a rule, I will go for the kill as quickly as possible. (That doesn't necessarily mean that I'll win, but I'll darn well try.) Football? Basketball? I become about as dangerous and competitive as Elmo from Sesame Street. It all boils down to whether or not I care. The fire of competitive gaming has been in me ever since May 14th, 2011. Take a look here and search for the name "Samuel Besrat". That was my first VGC Regionals, and I had a heck lot of fun.
    Part 1:

    That's really odd... you'd think that you would notice something like that if it was there since birth. I can only think of two explanations outside the ones you've already produced: 1) the "deformation" became noticeable as you aged due to your physical maturity, which resulted in an originally small anomaly growing bigger (which led to it causing more problems); or 2) the "deformation" did not, as a matter of fact, exist since your birth and it has formed due to some other influence on your body. If that's the case, I wonder what it could be... I'm glad that it's not hurting as much, at any rate. =)

    Heh, I wonder how many VMs Trickster Zorua has. Based off of the content of his various posts, I'm assuming that he'd a RPer. He seems to get around a hundred of them each day. I'm going to find out...

    No worries. =) I'm a junior in high school. It's been pretty rough. The year gets progressively tougher...

    A memory improvisation technique...?
    TELL ME.
    My word, I need to improve my memory a lot. Chemistry is killing me, and Math could be doing a bit better, too. I've also been forgetting random details in my life and I'm starting to feel like an Alzheimer's patient. Please, tell me. What do I have to do?
    Hey, it's alright; I understand. I have a job, too, so I know how busy it can get at various times of the year. (A malformed rib? That sounds excruciating. I'd guess that "malformed" would mean that you were born with it like that, but how long have you actually noticed the pain?)
    It's good to see that you're doing well, though (aside from the rib). I'm honored to learn that my message brought you happiness. =)

    Wow, I have that many VMs?!? I hadn't the slightest! Thanks for informing me! Now I feel proud.

    I've been dealing with school and preparing for the upcoming VGC tournament. On the former front, I've been having some trouble in Chemistry.. mostly because I didn't really like it. I've been working on it, though, and I think that I'm beginning to see the fruit of my labors. On the latter front... I read so much stuff online and realize how little I know. One of my greatest dreams is to make it far enough to play against Ray Rizzo, but I'm not sure I have the ability to make it that far. I'm working on it - I'm studying various tactics and the ways I can use different Pokemon. Still... I've only done one year in the Masters Division, and I didn't even make the Top Cut in Regionals. I need to develop my strategizing abilities more.

    Do you have any experience in VGC?
    Aw, no more then that? XD

    Well I guess we can't win them all, which is a shame because the Hiker's comment about Genesect gave me some hope.
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