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  • There are probably words that describe how ashamed I am that I took so long to reply to this, but if there are, then I don't know them. I'm really sorry about that. I promise I'll reply sooner next time. I was getting bogged down by Trimester Finals studying when you responded, then I just kept on putting it off after Thanksgiving.

    ... So, how're you doing now? I hope that your illnesses have long since been bid farewell.

    Yeah, they are miffed, to a certain degree. Some of the ones I've seen are, at any rate. A friend of mine who RNGs - my trade partner - hasn't taken it too badly, though.
    (Not counting the shiny Gyarados, I have only encountered one Shiny. It was a Litwick in Pokemon White. I managed to successfully capture it. When I turned my game on the next day, it was gone. I'd forgotten to save. I was SO ticked off.)

    Say, have you watched Guilty Crown?

    Wouldn't it be just hilarious to read a short story that involves some guy preparing for time travel, then catches a major illness that his body wasn't protected against and dies of it a few days after he's made it to the future? I'm tempted to write a Pokemon fanfiction in which some loser Trainer with a Celebi does exactly that. Think about it!

    WordPad SUCKS. I take it that you don't have access to Word? I installed it just a few days ago. It's really neat!

    ... Dig what up again? XD *Shot*

    Probably a lot. As in all of them. I'd be fairly surprised if there weren't.
    Yeah, I ran away at the beginning of October once the first major leaks started. I didn't want spoilers and I knew that the forums had the potential to get chaotic and couldn't be bothered with it. Glad to be back :)
    Aw, thanks. I do quite enjoy reading your posts, especially your theories and explanations (like why Rhydon can use Surf), so it's flattering to hear the same from you. Glad you appreciate it. :)
    I'm pretty sure that when people say that Latios and Latias are "twins," they mean it in the conceptual sense that they are designed to look incredibly similar and twin-like, not that they are literal, biological twins. Although there are undoubtedly some who do mean it that way.
    Is it possible to make too many good posts? Because I can't rep you enough. D:
    Yeah, it's understandable. You're still making progress!

    That's certainly understandable. Just as how the holidays have started, so my long slog to the end of the season begins as well.

    Huh... that's a pretty good idea, actually. I'll have to try it out.

    Maybe it's their way of "apologizing" for practically taking RNG away. Yeah, right, TrollFreak. They're not really trolls. They just do irritating things at times.

    Wow. That does sound pretty obscure. TV Tropes will Enrich your Life, indeed. I haven't gotten the chance to look at it yet. (Too busy. School and work and debate tournaments, oh my!)

    Ah, the time paradox. "If I go back in time and kill my grandfather before I am born, will I cease to exist?" That's a fun one! A bit overdone, but fun!

    Really? It's showed up again? I'd like to check it out. Could you post a link?

    Nope. They keep for quite a while.

    Yeah, they're a bit small, but beggars can't be choosers, I'm just glad to have them available before DW went down.
    Agreed, all three have great potential from stories from some of the theories I've heard so I'm hoping they'll get good backstories to them as well.
    I see. I love clicking the "Random" Article button to just encounter a random article. It is random. And epic. And random. And hilarious. Did I mention it is random?
    (Sorry for my ridiculously late reply. I have no excuse. Congratulations of the early reply, by the way! That's a sign of good progress.)

    That's good to hear! It always sucks hearing about the people who hate their jobs. I personally enjoy my job.

    I have to wait until Christmas for my Generation VI game. *Jumps off of Space Needle in despair* I'll be getting X, though. (My word, have you heard? Just about anybody with enough patience can breed for perfect IVs!)

    Huh... in all my Trope-trawling days, I've not come across that title. I'll have to take a look...

    Have you read that fanfiction yet? I particularly enjoyed the crack about the Somalian Suicide Incident. (If you've never heard of that story and are currently why I'm such a monster, the Incident of the Somalian Suicide wasn't an ACTUAL suicide. Read this.)

    (Ooh, a Deconstruction on Time Travel? Sounds interesting. [Yeah, they just require the time and the motivation, I think.])

    "When this legendary Pokemon's wings and tail feathers spread wide and glow red, it absorbs the life force of living creatures."

    and now we know
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