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  • Serena looks like promising character, i could see her being at least main rival if shes not travel companion. Clemont has iffy design but ill hold on judgment until we get more info, same applies to Bonnie. Still i wish Cilan was kept not being fleshed out enough imo, but now i guess asfter one regional cameo we will never see him in person again(Misty case prove that). Usual writer practice of dumping and abandoning previous creations.

    All in all they are not my dream cast, but ill take what they have. Serena looks so far as most interesting addition.
    Hi man, remember me? We used to talk before on bulbagarden.

    Excited about 6th generation and revealed potential companions?
    See at the top of the screen where it says your username?

    Click "Settings".
    Click "General Settings"
    Un-check the Show Signatures box.

    There ya go. :)
    I have a new rival idea ! Care to listen?
    He's calm , Mysterious, Older and always smiling .
    But he's probably the most cruelest rival Ash ever had!
    Like , When he release his pokemon , He kick them & insult them with a smiling face!
    Also , He usually injure both Pokemon & Trainer to the point that they both need to go to the hospital!
    Unlike Paul , He's really interested in Ash & knows everything about him .
    He even suggest Ash to use his Infernape in a Gym Battle and Laugh loudly when Ash decide to stick with his new Pokemon.
    Like Gary , He really didn't battle Ash until the League!
    How do you think ?
    Off course , Any rival is better then Trip !
    how does there is people who want Ash to get beaten by him again!
    Just because of some lame backstory Alder & Trip has between them !
    They doesn't even understand that if Ash loses to him again then its over .
    Ash's image gonna be ruined for good .
    Because Ash can't even Overpower a rookie despite having 5 year experience & Challenge.
    That shame gonna be on Ash's head ! It wouldn't get erase even in next journey!
    So Trip will ruin both this series & the next series
    Paul's theory about capturing & training pokemon will turn out to be correct.
    Also , Ash's Battle Frontier journey & Orange League journey will turn out to be pointless.
    Also, The Lame Advise Trip would receive from Alder will feel like a Big Fat Lie.
    It will be proved that people only need to copy Paul to be powerful.
    But again , Its like Trip fan even care about Ash.
    To them , Trip is cute & Ash is ugly .
    And thats all they care about.
    They doesn't even understand that Trip can redeem himself another way if he lose the Junior Cup but Ash will lose his change of redeem himself if loses the Junior Cup .
    Ash probably would never able to create a badass image of himself like other protagonist from other anime (Yugioh, Shaman King, Beyblade, Inazuma Eleven etc) if he loses the junior Cup.
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