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Recent content by Eneci

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    Ash Heads Into Battle! VS Steven!! (1207)

    Can this end in a tie? With a rematch happening in a couple of eps? I know it seems unlikely but still maybe a possibility. Otherwise Z move Pikachu knocking out Mega Metagross
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    April 1st: PM2019 103/104 - VS Elite Four 1 Hour Battle Special

    Feels weird that they are letting Ash battle an Elite 4 member and that he will most likely win. Drasna is a solid choice and she‘ll use Mega Evolution and Ash most likely Dracovish after the practice battle with Clemont, so wins on every level. I would even appreciate a mention of Iris.
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    February 18th: PM2019 098 - The Pokémon Circus! Booster and Thunders

    Not many Eeveeloutions left for Chloe to meet. So this episode is not Showcase but a Circus episode. Way to give the Serena fans a finger writers/promo makers.
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    February 25th: PM2019 099 - Marie from Spiketown!

    So no new episode on the 18th. Excited to see Marnie and interact with Ash. Should be fun. There are quite a bit of SWSH characters that I would love to see, lets hope they find a way to introduce them all.
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    Temporary PM19/JN Characters Speculation Thread (no Haruka debates)

    This preview looks funny and to cover the eps of the first two months. Psyched to see Marnie debut. Also Chloe looks invested that Showcase. Bit weird they are doing a showcase and haven‘t shown a Contest despite it being in BDSP. Also I assume its a showcase cause Chloe officially has only 1 mon.
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    The Future of the World Championships

    Could see that Ash vs Piers be sort of an interlude to Ash vs Marnie. Like she doesn’t seem impressed by Piers or Ash and that after the battle Marnie will be „inspired“ again to compete in the PWC or battle Ash. Really happy they are introducing her in the anime, found her to be great in the...
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    January 21st/28th: Pocket Monsters: Arceus, the One Called a God

    Wondering if they will be able to feature all the new forms and evolutions Should be interesting. also wondering how the international distribution will be like, if there will be one at all. Cause I really wanna see these in good quality
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    The Future of the World Championships

    Once again we have a minimum of 3 months between Ash‘s PWC fights. I really don‘t expect them to wrap this by November 2022. so gen 9 will most likely not happen. I can‘t honestly see it.
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    The Future of the World Championships

    will probably depend on how high Bea is in the rankings. Cause Volkner was quite high with 27 so Ash‘s jump was justified
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    The Future of the World Championships

    Wondering to which Rank Ash will climb after defeating Bea. Could see him crack top50. Hopefully Ash will have another PWC battle till new year. I expect an filler on Nov 12th, than the Sinnoh double parter on 19th & 26th and hopefully one more battle before New Year.
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    November 5th: PM2019 086 - Mega Evolution VS Kyodaimax

    Just hope the 2 episodes don’t feature too must talking around and fillery flashbacks, just good intense battling. Wondering if Ash will challenge anyone to battle and not be the one challenged all the time. Could be fun seeing him trying to host a match in Palet Town or so.
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    October 29th: PM2019 085 - Rival Showdown! Satoshi VS Saito!!

    Hoping for Lucario to beat Grapploct‘s sweet (non existent) behind. for Dracovish use or a Reserve, just that it seems like he prepared for this one.
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    October 8th: PM2019 083 - The Py That Became A Star

    Hmmm love to see Cynthia back. Wondering if she‘ll use Mega Garchomp and that makes Ash seek out Korrina in the following episode. With the lack of direction this gen has, I‘ll enjoy all the stuff we get.
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    October 1st: PM2019 082 - Mawhip's Super Sweet Battle?!

    So this ep airs in two weeks and something else airs on the 8th. Neat. Also seems someone will battle Opal, hopefully Ash.
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    October 22nd: PM2019 084 - The Lucarionite! Adventure on Mega Island!!

    Wondering if Korrina gives Ash the keystone after the possibly defeats Bea or for the purpose of defeating her. I mean I still hope we won‘t get a three week break, even though it seems highly unlikely.