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  • Thank you for the trade! The timing worked out great for not having an appointment :D I hope you have a great trip!
    I heard the chime when we connected but connection was lost right after.. let's both reconnect again.
    Hmm, problems with connecting? I see you in the room.. but when I try to connect to you it just stops o_O
    Haha, yeah, I understand. Can you trade right now? I'll hop into WiFi and stay on as long as I can. Here's my FC:

    4427 4614 8993
    Okey-Dokey. :)
    Well I think I missed you today (sorry, you know what it's like, set alarm, hear alarm, grumble and shut alarm off!).

    Well if you want to trade today (though I'm sure you're asleep and this isn't possible), then the 8:00 - 16:00 one.
    If you want to trade tomorrow, it would have to be the late night : early morning one - travelling a couple of hundred miles tomorrow, so getting up early would be likely for me I think, plus I wouldn't have access to the internet until night.
    For any other day, the 8:00 - 16:00 one sounds fine.

    But I'll keep trying to check around both times to see if you're online anyway. :)
    Hmm.. what time can you get up in the morning? :p I can stay up until 00:00 here so it would be 08:00 at your time.. or I can get up at 08:00 so it would be 16:00 your time. I'll throw in a fodder so there will be 6 trades then. Let me know what time works for you :)

    *edit* For that female Deino, I'll take the Timid one :D
    Ok, I'm fine to do that. :)
    I'm GMT (this'll be fun)...so, you're 04:00 now, I'm about 12:00, so for 5pm that's 17:00, so that would be 01:00...so... we're pretty screwed I suppose! :p
    Well I'll stay up as late as I can tonight (thank goodness for holidays eh?), and try and catch you before I pass out I suppose! Or I could get up early. One or the other. Or both! :D

    (Oh and give me a fodder, or an egg, go on, I'm after a good home for her)
    Your order is ready so let me know when you would like to trade :)

    I live in the USA Pacific timezone and I can trade anytime tonight or weekdays after 5pm.
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