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  • Hey! I just wanted inform you that wewill be battling in Brawl in the Lower Bracket of the Water Cup!
    My new SSBB friend code: 3137-0097-6156

    Delete my old one, and add this one.
    See you in the future. ^_^
    funny, I just showed up to challenge Icosahedron. I'll open a room to begin the tourney match. Two practice rounds OK for you, before they count?
    You, sir, are grand.
    Also of a good religion. :)
    Check the threads that I've made to see what I'm talking about.
    First Phendrona, now you, asking for Brawl tips. xD Flattering!

    Learn how to air dodge. If you don't, then you will be juggled mercilessly until you die. Usually people have some sort of predictable pattern that they use to attack while in the air, so try to learn that pattern (it's different for every person, of course), so you can predict when they'll attack and successfully evade.

    ...I never use the Ice Climbers so I can't give any character-specific advice, sorry. D:
    ...What? You mean you're secretly a lot better but played like that just so we'd underestimate you when it really counts? Tricky. :p But yeah, I guess you're "forgiven" then lol. It certainly took me more than three weeks to get where I am now. And btw, don't be disappointed if you think you got soundly whipped, because (not to brag) GrizzlyB, myself, and Grey are some of the better people you will fight here.
    You aren't very good, you know. Spammers never are. Try using some variation in your moves or being a tad more unpredictable. Notice how we left you alone since we didn't think you were a threat... until you started spamming the ice, and we were forced to kill you off first so that you wouldn't get any more annoying.

    Just trying to help. x_x
    I suppose. I'll be on in a few minutes, then, unless something comes up, but I'll tell you.
    I happen to be convinced that fish are brighter than we give them credit for. Not even the lowliest of guppies would drop to the level of some of the lackwits we've caught in our nets around here. >_>;
    Ah, the sweet smell of patronization in the morning! ^_^;

    Lol, you've had me chuckling a bit for a while now, Enigma. I'm usually glad to see that conniving Max avatar come up in a thread. Just so long as we don't get too comfortable with spamming, of course. >_>;
    My Mushroomy Kingdom's My Music is permanently screwed up, so I have to delete my old data. I'll give you my new friend code after school.

    I'm done with Homebrew. X_X
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