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    Oh, I plan to. It's on my schedule right between laughing at a well-lit street sign for a street called Hidden Valley, and cackling evilly for no apparent reason.
    I found that pretty funny. Good work. ^_^

    Made a set of several bookcases for a home for abused and neglected children, and stocked them with art supplies, books, etc. Kept collecting donations and ended up with like three big boxes of what I'll call "nice things," because there was such a huge variety there. With the age of most of the kids there it seemed to go over really well.
    Yeah, it was ground tamer. I had some thoughts for tips earlier, but I've forgotten them now. Had a Scout meeting to get to. I'll try and get things typed out before I'm distracted next time.
    Hey. Would you mind sending the name displayed on the Brawl friend roster, and the name over your head when you play? I'm trying to flesh out the tournament listings and make it so there's no confusion when more than one person whose name you don't know is online. Next step is rules, but I need to discuss a few things with IcyDragon first.

    Also, I'd love to play against you. If I'm online when you get this, you up for a few Brawls?
    Sure, we can have a few matches. Although apparently you are brawling Phendrona right now, so message me again when you're available. Thanks.
    Hey I saw your Post in the SSBB club.. Do you still have time for a brawl? Also, are you in the tourney?
    I'm actually working on a Poké Ball skin for my guitar hero controller at the moment, and only plan to stop if the person I'm facing in the Nintendo club tourney signs on. I'd love to play, but now's not the time.
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