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  • ;_; as much as ever... I don't think I ever liked it that much. I like it about as much as you do nowadays , coming to serebii just to post with old people.

    Hey you want to brawl some time?
    I might acully be back into this game for a long time, at least through this summer. But other then that same old yosh. and omg I havnt been called yoshikins in a long time! u just made my day ;]

    ;_; whats new with you.
    long time no talkie shoot me a vm if you ever want to chit-chat (or you know just delete me if you think im a dull contact :( .... )
    ive been seeing doc alot too.. hes been on a ton of diff brawling sites, and every once in a while he has a battle or 2.

    Haunt joined TH

    Hassamus back

    P0isons gone.

    and Don's gone.
    who else?
    I know what you mean, but then again Haunt ran the team like a Vegetarrian yelling at chicken. We had NO wars, or at least no wars that I could remember. It was simply going on and off the chat, saying random stuff about battling and other things in life.

    So, you've pretty much moved on from pokemon then?
    I was talking with P0ison a tad ago, hassamu's back.
    Man, wouldnt it be hillarious if we just came together, walked up to a clan, and showed them who's dead xD

    have you been on *cough* Mods might we stawking *cough*
    xat chats?
    I remember you as enigma but I can't remember your name that you had when we were on Legendary... but recently I met up with Poison on shoddy and it brought back some memories so what you been up to?
    Dunno, gonna be going to college in the near future so that is gonna eat up a little time. Also I became staff over at a halo clan I joined last summer so I have been fairly busy with that as well, although I may come back at some point to woop your butt one last time lol.
    wow. I thought that you died ._.!
    xD I've been coming and going.. some clan wars, ect..
    any chance of you coming back?
    Real life has been a drag to be honest. Also, having your clan leader just up and leave on ya tends to make you take a break for a little.
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