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  • It's all right. I tried to give extra time. Your vote really wouldn't have made a difference unless you voted marshtompman
    Got them, sorry for the inconvenience. I use photobucket now, so any other sprites should stay.
    Descriptions are fine, if I have them saved I normally save them as spritenumberone-spritenumbertwo, so for example, ScraggyClaydol, etc.
    Which ones? I may need to reupload them. Tell me which ones and I will see what I can do, but sadly not tonight, probably tomorrow evening
    Its-a finished!

    Top - http://i40.*******.com/2lkz01x.png
    Bottom - http://i41.*******.com/y2rfr.gif

    Alright. Currently, no. But I'm hoping people will play nice and when they see posts like that, don't go out of their way to pull a dick move and claim a pokemon someone else has already publicly expressed interest in. If it starts to become a problem, I'll look into making a rule about it, but until then, you can "sort of" reserve a Pokemon, but it won't be official.
    I'm a little confused on the wording, can you point out the post that was asked in question?
    Do you mean, like, claiming pokemon without getting a request slot?
    It's probably best if you do, since I usually go through it as I'm sending out PMs to everyone, I wouldn't want to forget you. :)
    Whenever a new slot opens up, the first to post or PM me about it gets the slot. Everyone else who misses it but still makes a post will get a PM from me when another slot opens up so that they have a higher chance of posting before anyone else. (I do this so that slots can't be reserved while the list is full. But for those who are eager or have been waiting a long time can know exactly when another slot is going to open up and have a higher chance of being able to grab the slot). I hope that answers what you were asking. :O
    Well... it can, because pokemon is not RL... so you don't know what goes on... solving the Lavender Town mysteries is in process and I REALLY want to figure this out!

    They even say that Larvitar can eat a mountain... :/
    That is WHY they are on the disturbing list... :/

    Well... what about Hypno, it has a whole lullaby that is REALLY CREEPY!
    Ugggh! So creepy /)O3O(\

    and Duskull makes children cry because they LOVE the sound of children crying, WHICH IS SO DISTURBING!

    Garborder also kills pokemon and people with it's stench

    and Driftloon carries children to hell!
    Add to my top most disturbing pokemon list:
    I am VERY particular about proving why pokemon is not a KIDS GAME!

    1) Gorebyss
    2) Banette
    3) Duskull
    4) Dusnoir
    5) Gengar
    6) Driftloon
    7) Cubone (My favourite pokemon ^.^)
    8) Drowsee
    9) Hypno
    10) Spoink
    11) Yamask
    12) Jelicent
    13) Pinsir
    14) Eelecktross
    15) Kabutops
    16) Elgyem

    Lavender Town Prophecies are said to be Missingno, Buried Alive and the Cubone Catastrophy, not to mention the Maroak Menace!
    There is some "hidden Frequencies" in the Lavender Town music that can compress the Victims head and make them have head aches, they make the brain swell which can be fatal!
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