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  • I'll go in now.
    I have 3 Poliwags here; which one do you want?
    (1) Sassy nature / 28-29 HP / 31 Atk / 6-7 Def / 31 Sp. Atk / 16-17 Sp. Def / 26-27 Speed
    (2) Lonely nature / 31 HP / 31 Atk / 8-9 Def / 22-23 Sp. Atk / 6-7 Sp. Def / 26-27 Speed
    (3) Naive nature / 31 HP / 31 Atk / 28-29 Def / 20-21 Sp. Atk / 30-31 Sp. Def / 10-11 Speed
    Any foreign Poliwag will do. Just not the ones from Dream World because I use Ditto. And ability passing wouldn't work anyway because I use Ditto.
    Here's the lowdown on your Poliwag:
    IVs out of 31
    HP: 24-25 IVs
    Atk: 14-15 IVs
    Def: 26-27 IVs
    Sp. Atk: 24-25 IVs
    Sp. Def: 10-13 IVs
    Speed: 31 IVs
    If you use the Poliwags in the Battle Subway their level will be temporarily put on level 50. If you check their summaries in battle there you can put in their stats in the IV calculator as Lv 50s and get an accurate reading.

    Does this help or even make sense?
    The problem with rain teams is that they are a little overused and overpowered.

    If you're trying for a sweeper Politoed here's a few things to pay attention to:
    (1) Nature. Some stats are better and some are worse. On a sweeper you want to sacrifice defense for power or speed.
    (2) IVs. A sweeper needs high IVs so it can outperform other pokémon. A sweeper needs high IVs in speed and power; a good defense won't hurt either.
    (3) EVs. Your pokémon only get 510 EVs total and 250 Evs for one stat so use them wisely.
    That's all I can think of for now.
    I've been busy editing my sig. Sorry for the delay.
    I have a Poliwag from the Dream World and I'm perfectly happy with a Drizzle Politoed. I actually have enough pokémon to form a powerful rain team. All I need to do now is train for a Lv 100 Drizzletoed.

    edit: That would give me another max-level Politoed.
    I'm not entirely sure but Hidden Power is based on a pokémon's IVs. The part I'm not sure of is when people say HP-(Insert pokémon type) when making a pokémon's moveset.
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