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  • Great, then we will see each other here during the next days.

    I'll start breeding it then, and hopefully I'll have one for you tomorrow. Does that sound good? I have Chikorita, so maybe I'll just take something else. Don't worry, I am not too picky, perhaps an item.

    I was looking at those clan rules. I understand them, but I don't know whether to form the clan after all, maybe if you create one I will join as part of your team, you can name me one of your Gym Leaders, eh? Hehe. XD

    So, how long will you be on for the rest of the evening? It's evening for me, so that is why I ask.
    Forget about the FC for now, I wont add it in my siggy yet, I'll personally give it to you when we trade something. I'll have to think of a good name for the Clan, if there is to be one, and also a good name for the shop.

    Maybe when you log in tomorrow you'll find the shop already up. :p
    I'd leave my friend code for you to see here, but what is the point? I'll be adding it to my siggy soon. I'll be sure to contact you for trades and battles, and thanks for being my first friend here, hope that we both remain active and become better at pokemon.

    Hey, waddaya know, I actually just got a Cyndaquil from this awesome person a few minutes ago. I was looking for one all day. XD It's shiny, too.

    So, got anything that you might want? Hit me with it, okay?
    No, I don't have a name yet, but I will think of something catchy. Lol

    It's shame that I missed out on the events given out. I wanted to claim my gift the other day and found out it was too late. Haha

    Sure, when I make the clan, I'll let you know. We'll need other members, though, but those will join with time. :p

    For now, it has been great meeting you. If you have any questions, wanna trade or chat, I am here for you. Thanks for befriending me, I am fairly shy when it comes to befriending others.
    Well you should join the apple club ^^ link js in my sig if you wanna join :p


    No I don't like pokemon. Ok I fibbed I like pokemon. Or do I
    My fav pokemon is metagross
    Ok those tiny legs are just. I don't know
    I was joking about the last three answers rofl!
    Well yeah if you ever need a tutor let me know. My reputation precedes me ^^
    well do you like apple products
    No, not really, you must come up with your nickname, I suck at that. XD

    About the clan, I myself, still have a lot of thinking to do on that, so time will tell whether I make one or not. Perhaps you and I can fight and train, eh? I just need to come up with a good team.

    I'm down for trading with you whenever you want, just tell me what you need and I'll see if I have it. Don't expect much from me, though, I only have HG and have yet to learn stuff there. But Serebii sure is help, I am finding secrets I didn't know of. XD

    As to the shop, I will probably create one tomorrow, I'll be thinking what I want and what I have to offer.
    Your very welcome ^^
    just ask me if you have any questions.

    *ahem* questions

    Are you new to competitive battling?
    Do you like pokemon?

    Do you like starbursts on potatoes?
    do you like carmemal on toothbrushes?
    Do you like magic land? I know I do.
    Yes, I am planning on being very active here. I bought HG a year ago, but I never finished it, lost interest in it and sold it, but now I got it back and well, got hooked again. I already beat the whole game, so don't think I don't know much, there is just other stuff I've yet to understand, like breeding, getting shiny pokemon, special ones, etc. And I also joined because I want to complete the PokéDex completely. I still need half, I think, so you'll probably see me trading a lot. ^^ Besides that, I can't think of anything else. Btw, you already made three friends, eh? Nice going.

    Oh, yeah, there is something else, perhaps you and I can team up and make a clan here. What do you think about that? Will you also make a shop of your own?

    I'll be adding stuff on to my siggy soon, some of the stuff I want, etc. So if you wanna take a look, maybe we can both trade off items and stuff.
    I see. Well, I am sort of new at this Pokemon thing, I still have much to learn regarding what you are talking about. But it was no problem welcoming you. I was thinking about setting up a shop to make things easier for me when trading. What about you? Are you going to be fairly active here? Also, what games do you have? I only have HG at the moment.
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