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  • hay u know u r old as hell on wat u called a kids site well if its such a kids site then why the **** r u here u r twenty years old on a site likes this get a job u seem like one of those people who is twenty and still lives with their mom u and budew r pathetic and r the most immature people i have ever seen especially u i had about enough of u lady next time i come here it wont be pleasant u can tell as much as u like but that would make u even more childish a 20 year old going to tell on us i hope u have a worse life and on this site u seem like a pedifile bye-bye
    Dont you ever call me or my friends idiotic or whatsoever. They are all 13+ which is the recomended age to join social sites. Personally, I HATE twenty year olds on these sites and no I wont mension mods. So what if we are 13-19, It is not your flippin' job to boast and say that we are idiotic or over aged. To me, I find twenty year olds (besides mods/admin/Serebii) on this site have too much time on their hands. Do you even have a JOB? You think that I?-Melissa Macena-was ''intimidating'' Mr. Budew? You make me sick to the stomach. This ''unzip'' thing he was doing sounded very perverted, and I had my rights to ask what it was he was refering to. If I knew, I wouldnt have asked, you... thing. You just made yourself look like a retard on this website, and if you dont think so, look on peoples pro, your the new topic =P If you found us attacking Budew very ''meany beany'' then dont boast and make yourself look like a loser. An idiotic thing. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOUR ''inocent'' Budew was saying to people?
    1. He asked if it was my freakin' time of the month, and you'd be dead stupid if you dont know what he was trynna say. 2. He was talking about double penetration/blow jobs on, yes, a ''kids'' forum. And you have the guts to say ''kids'' forum. You also made yourself look like a ____. 3. He was asking a guy for his sister, which is very psycho. I mean, who asks to talk to someones sister? She doesnt even have Serebii, which raises eyebrows. 4. He was bragging by saying how he was going to do it again, but then went all ''Oh-goody-goddy-toochoos-'' when a mod talked to him. I suggest you stay out of this ''envy.'' And no wonder you gave him your msn so he can flirt with you or use you like a piece of brussle sprout and spit you out in the end.You stuck your face in something that didnt concern you, ''envy.'' You probably ''envy'' budew. And ya, call me a b1tch, it wont matter, cuz apperantely your the new b1tch.
    ok look i don't care who thinks im mean cuz i wasn't he fully deserved wat he got the situation wasn't stupid it was necessary and by calling the situation stupid your basically calling the people involved in the situation stupid and im not stupid just to let u know i deem myself quite smart and like i said i wasn't mean thats as nice as im going to get with that situation and for future references know the whole story before u take sides like i said before im just keeping it real
    ok listen i don't appreciate being called idiotic when u dont know the whole story i know its old news but u need to stop saying things when u dont know wat your talking about dont take it too seriously but keep it in mind and don't say im being mean cuz im not im just keeping it real
    Lol, really... you shouldn't be ashamed about that

    I've had somewhat... worse conversations? lol
    I was really only kidding around, I do kinda tease sometimes :S

    It just annoyed me that I was having a conversation, someone decided to join in and say
    "YOU PERV!!!, LEAVE HER ALONE!!!" have some of his friends join in
    Some of my friends joined saying "Whoa dude, what's going on with your profile"

    Next thing I know my profile is a giant flame fest

    Best part was... the majority of these people were around the age of 13, lol
    It was kind of obvious they would do something like this :/
    But eh, it's over with and done... it was pretty funny actually
    I was about to lose my cool on some of them :p

    Oh and that conversation about the double penetration... eh... haha :/
    Nah it's alright, just a big misunderstanding

    Thanks for the concern though
    You're so... sweet :D
    You will fall in love with him, not kidding

    Considering you laugh at my prank calls, his would having you falling out of your chair laughing
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