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Eon Master
Last Activity:
Jun 28, 2020 at 6:27 PM
Jun 27, 2009
Likes Received:
Oct 9, 1992 (Age: 27)
English and Education Major

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Eon Master

Born from the Flames, 27, from Rising

Eon Master was last seen:
Jun 28, 2020 at 6:27 PM
    1. LadyTriox
      Hi wanna be friends? :D
    2. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Man, this brings back memories. Not likely to come back, but still. Good memories.
    3. Dan The Poke Man
      Dan The Poke Man
      Hey guy. Whats good?
    4. [GS]
      Idk if you still pop on, but if you do....

      Hi :3
    5. Symphony
      Ah, that's nice you are done. I still have one more week to go! And it's not even Midterms yet >_<
    6. CyberBlaziken
      I just finished with mine too.

      I really tried to play TP a few weeks ago, it was hard. The resolution and blurriness hurt my eyes a bit.
      But I'm ecsatic it's getting a HD release.
    7. CyberBlaziken
    8. Symphony
      Yo, Eon! What's up? :)
      It's been a while.

      I've been doing fine, thanks for asking.
    9. CyberBlaziken
      That's good, you got off easy. Mine just started. Sigh. When's your break then?

      Yeah I skipped on it. I'm actually waiting for the summer, and whatever NX news pops up. If it has backward compatibility, then it'd be better off to buy that altogether. Otherwise I'll get the Wii U.
      I bought the New 3DS Hyrule Edition :3
      I missed the Hyrule-Lorule Tri Force one last time around..
    10. CyberBlaziken
      Finals already? That sucks.

      I'm trying to decide whether I should hunt down a Wii U this Friday. So much LoZ content coming up.
    11. CyberBlaziken
      I already do two-third of those...
      And Guitar and Piano..

      How've you been? Besides the obvious injury.
    12. CyberBlaziken
      Really? Damn..
      How'd it happen? Martial Arts?
    13. CyberBlaziken
      Ah I see, no worries then.
      How's you hand now? All healed up?
    14. CyberBlaziken
      Sigh. I tried keeping it alive. Only myself and Arc is still around.

      Trying to keep the thread alive as well.
      Ventured into writing too, starting off with shorts and drabbles.

      Did you finally get a means on any messenger to contact you on?
      Like skype or something?
    15. CyberBlaziken
      Dead or alive.
      Or in-between?
    16. yolotot
      Eon Master, can I battle you on showdown?
    17. Ampy
      Then again, it's been about 2 years since I first watched it so I may have felt the same way at first aswell haha.

      Well, I was planning to play it soon but I have no computer atm, and won't for awhile. Oh well, I'll Emiyalate it soon enough x)

      Really? I felt it was fine, the fight in the VN wasn't very long at all iirc. Gae Bolg looked really good, at least.

      Can we just agree that the lolita maid Saber Alter was the best?
    18. Ampy
      4 month late reply? Oh well x)

      Yeah, Heaven's Feel is supposed to be played after Fate and UBW... they all build on eachother. I can see why you'd feel like that, it didn't really bother me though x)

      Heard it was made by ex-Atlus staff recently, which makes me want to play it now. Maybe I'll find a larger memory stick and see if I can still get the digital copy off of PSN, assuming they still support that on PSP.

      Well, KnK is pretty much the proto-type of Tsukihime but much better imo. I mean, it's up to you what you get into first of course but if you're looking for something a bit darker like F/Z, KnK is the way to go.

      Indeed, the racing episode is still my favourite.
    19. GalladeRocks
      It's bizarre. But hey, at least it seems like they made a conscious effort to overall improve pretty much every veteran character. Except Meta Knight, but he kind of had that coming XD
    20. Symphony
      Takakage Kobayawa (Sorry if last name is misspelled ^^; I honestly just call him Taka)
      I've been obsessed with SW4 lately XD

      Ehhh, it's going alright. Drivers Ed classes started this week, which aren't fun :X
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  • About

    Oct 9, 1992 (Age: 27)
    English and Education Major
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Mhm. Yeah. Right.

    Music, LoZ, Writing, Martial Arts


    "I'm fighting because there's a battle to be fought, Archer. I'm fighting to win. That's all."
    "Hm. Alright, Rin. You are indeed my ideal Master. There is no one else I could hope to serve."