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  • Takakage Kobayawa (Sorry if last name is misspelled ^^; I honestly just call him Taka)
    I've been obsessed with SW4 lately XD

    Ehhh, it's going alright. Drivers Ed classes started this week, which aren't fun :X
    Oh thanks! I actually have it because 1) I like Leafeon and 2) I think it suites a character I like from SW4 :D

    I'm doing alright. Life's just been a bit rough on the edges
    Thanks! I need to change it every once in a while ^^;
    Even though I do like my Masamune!
    Yeah, I'd heard Link was improved, but I hadn't really played as him enough yet in 3DS to pick up on it. And yes, that is exactly the problem with Charizard. His aerial game is just not good. You'd think he'd be better at, you know, flying.
    I try to remember most of the time but then I have a lot of stuff on my mind.

    Yeah but my Lite broke before the SP's battery pack died so there's that. I did at a least manage to get one playthrough out of FireRed, the glitchy copy with a team similar to Ash's, too bad it relied on Charizard like the real thing. :/ It's a bit weird having a child unit, in this case Severa not double things immediately, I guess it has to do with her father being Frederick and I had to reclass him like three times. Robin is also pretty OP when you gather enough skills as well, same with some of the child units like Galeforce Nah for example. It was a good idea to cut the EXP whenever you promote or reclass, but it's very annoying only getting like 8 EXP for killing an enemy.
    Yeah that's true, vise versa also applies too.

    I didn't notice it till recently right around the Wii U's launch, actually. If nobody is selling their products, of course they'll sell less. GBA SP is what I have, that's why I can't use AA batteries. I think it's fine if you have a unit with high enough skill to reliably activate it like Severa as a Hero, she has like 50 Skill as a LV.1 Hero in my game. But I gave her Lifetaker too cause it's also useful. I understand the developer's concerns about abusing the reclass system to get more EXP, but cutting it down so little isn't doing any favors,
    Sorry again for missing this, I should manage my VMs better.

    Then strikes like Walmart are the same, they sell nothing but Sony and M$ stuff and place the Nintendo stuff on like two shelves. My GBA's battery pack died, i can get a new one but my parents would just get mad since it's old. I figured that if it works in the enemy's turn, it'd be nice but I think you're right. I don't feel like changing Robin back to Dark Knight to get that skill though since he'll level up too slow. So I just take Sol and that's it.
    Their management is still decent where I live but the things they carry are nothing but Somy and M$ hardware and games. My old DS Lite had the same problem, then it's hinges broke off and then I had to replace it. Shame too cause I really liked it. I don't remember exactly which set up I'm using right now, but it's most likely Armsthrift, Ignis, Sol, Astra, and something else.
    I remember when they used to sell all sorts of used games from the PS2/GCN/GBA generation, good times, I managed to get the Orre games and Pokémon FireRed which ended being a bad copy then. Oh I see, I figured it was because there weren't that many copies produced and that led to the game being rare, then you factor in the praise it got too. Skills like Astra, Sol, Lifetaker are all great skills but hard to earn from grinding since it takes a while.
    Not easy at all for me since there aren't any local game stores, just Gamestops all around. And they don't even sell that many Nintendo stuff. Lucky is right, that's for sure. But there isn't a big demand for these types of games anyway, right? It's just designed to be frustrating not challenging. That is true, it's a very useful ability on whatever gets it. Probably the only few useful skills from the base classes along with Vantage.
    No problem. Understandable, it's probably a bit hard to find since it's a GBA title and a Fire Emblem one at that. I've seen that price often, and I think FE9 is around $65 to $80 used, which is still pretty insane. Yeah, I wish the difficulty was higher without needing to make your enemies insanely powerful with Skills. Smarter AI would be better instead of using the same AI with insane Skills unobtainable by you. Do you have a favorite skill? Mine would be Ignis because of the animation and effect.
    You're right, it is FE12 because of the numbering. Yeah, pretty much like that but as you said, simpler gameplay. Those are Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, right? I heard those are good and I'd like to try them out, but they're so expensive and hard to find. Awakening is probably my favorite so far, the skill system is really neat especially.
    Oh alright, it just happens a lot to me.

    Dark Dragon and Hero of Light is the first game of the series or the game after Shadow Dragon? It's probably the easiest Fire Emblem game because of the overworld being traversable at any time between chapters, I liked the story and characters personally but it just looks forgettable compared to the other FE titles like Awakening or FE4.
    Oh sorry for missing your message, I didn't mean it at all. I just get a lot of messages during the day, this happens like everyday.

    I started with Sacred Stones and now I'm playing Awakening. You play Fire Emblem too?
    Still, that is a worrisome issue. That's good at the very least, I think you should take it easy for a while before doing some important stuff.
    I like Zelda and the Mii, they're both cool. Haven't played as Link or Ike very much. And I don't know what to think about Charizard, sometimes he seems really cool, and other times he just seems not worth using. He hits like a truck, at least.
    That's a little worrisome to hear, both your lack of sleep and to stomach problem, hope you're doing alright. I can understand, studies do take up a lot of time and they can be bothersome at times.
    Yes sir!

    I'm doing great, not sure about the second question though. I guess being prepared for ORAS would count for being excited for ADV week since they happen at the same time, almost. You?
    Yeah, it's still a little weird for me to think about.

    Yeah, Little Mac is one of my favorites, at least on stages where he can't fall off the side :p My mains are Captain Falcon, Dark Pit, and Greninja, and I've also been using Lucina, Lucario, and Robin a lot. How about you?
    Same here. I just started college a couple months ago. Other than that, I haven't been doing much. Gotta love Smash!
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