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  • And I keep telling you that you're forgetting how much of a sarcastic troll I can be, just ask ILP or MC. *rolls eyes*
    Hey! I need those points myself.

    Well, Monday till Friday, 5 days. Same as you.
    Oh, Naruto. I started watching it. Episode 131. So far behind.
    I don't even remember what it was about ._.
    Your publishing?
    Anything new going on other than school then?

    Haha, so it fits myself too, that's pretty neat. Orly? I didn't remember setting it up like that. But it makes sense, considering it takes the form of a little stick basically. I'll have to brush up on my own lore. xD
    Haha, good to know I'm not the only one then.

    Yeah, I found it like right after I sent that, too. I appreciate that you named my character for me, I think I'll keep it; I'm not too great at coming up with anime names. :p But reading it makes me think my Shikai's a little bit OP at the moment, at least in terms of the fact he's still capable of a lot of development and whatnot. I came up with some ideas last night about fixing it up and making sure it would still have continuity in your story, I just need to type them up and make sure that they work out.
    Hey bro, pretty good, just shirking responsibilities in school. You?

    Haha, yeah, sorry about that. I can't remember the last time I posted here period, I just check in when I'm on down-time for VMs. I might post something after Ichigo and Renji pick back up, or if/when Kenpachi figures out his abilities, whichever comes first. And really? Where can I find it?
    Sounds great, I wish you the best of luck! :)
    I've had my final exam for this semester but the Christmas break is still one week away. I guess that on the other hand I don't start until mid-January, so it isn't that bad after all. I miss skiing so I really look forward to get back home to my parents. Hopefully there will be enough snow!
    Haha, I'm still alive all right!

    Yeah, really long time, over one and a half year. I guess I left the forums when my interest in Pokemon begun to decline, I did eventually get White, but it wasn't enough. A few weeks ago, by hazard, I picked it up and noticed I hadn't finished the main story, so I did that and now I'm looking (or was looking) to trade for a few unobtainables.
    And I've started university and moved to a new city, so there has been some changes in my life since last time. Speaking of which, I have to dash out, I've got classes to attend.

    What about yourself?
    Playing Pokemon in a retirement home :p

    Ahh, I still have no idea what I want to do, hopefully will figure it out sooner or later. Either way, good luck with it bro. Yeah, I can't do that because I'd just fall asleep :p
    I'll probably be doing that myself if the way things are going now is any indication.

    What are you majoring in? Yeah, I've had days where I just go to bed after finishing my homework because I'm so exhausted from school, even feel like I'm missing out if I go one day without free time :p
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