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  • Haha... Ok, I think, after drinking some water, I've calmed down... I think. Don't do anything funny or I will be officially labeled as mental. :')
    Haha xD *Takes deep breath and tries to calm down. Fails. Hard.* I ran into a wall once because I was laughing and I forgot where I was going :p
    Neither do I... But I think I may be a bit beyond Modest. Modest people would think that they were good at something, but still say that they weren't, from what I understand... I genuinely don't think I'm good. I suppose it could be caused by a combination of things that alone don't seem like much, but together, add up quite a bit...
    That's weird... I don't think I've ever felt like that, really. According to Wkipedia, Height can be a factor but it never really bothered me that much.
    No she's not, I needed you xD lol

    How was your Valentine's day yesterday? Hang out with your girlfriend?
    It might. I'm somewhat of a pessimist, although nowhere near as bad as I used to be. I don't know if you can be born with an Inferiority Complex... I suppose you could be, but I thought it was to do with difficulties in your childhood.

    Alright. I told GS, he's put Al there :)
    Well, nothing happened since then in the name of fractures, but once I was going on a cycle with a friend(I was sitting at the back, don't ask me about it, that thing is common in India, colloquially known as 'doubles'), when I lost my grip on the seat in front of me and fell off on my stomach. I had to take an ATS because of the wound at the base of my left hand and the scrape on my right knee.
    Rank up!

    Please enjoy these assorted baked goods.

    Yep. It seems like I do. I am pretty negative, although I don't know what might have caused it in me.

    Alright, I'll ask GS. You wanted Al in Blastoise Rank, didn't you?
    Found it. Looks like I do actually have one, although I don't know how I managed to get it. Oh well.

    Trust me, I only got internet killed by her and it still hurts.
    OK, i can do OU, UBER, and UU, but UU is outdated.
    are you a tester? if so, OU please. becaus emy UU is not that good and really outdated.
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