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  • I figured as much, and besides it was on Mightyena of all things. Making people get raged and angry is so much fun, I use a Whismicott on my team as an annoyer and oddly, some people seem to DC right after. XD

    They really are, along with Blastoise. And it looks so off model, like when you see him in later games, the anime, official art, his head is just so big compared to his body. I always found that hilarious as well. XD Such as the Snag Machine needing to charge for even longer.
    Is it a relatively obscure set for Mightyena or is it semi-well known? Haha, I'd be fuming at that, I mean who'd ever think a Mightyena of all things was that destructive? Well not to the extent you think it is. XD

    Oh, that makes sense. Another thing that sorta bothers me are the Pokémon's models, they're just from Stadium 2/GS but upscaled. Stuff like Charizard looks ugly compared to Sceptile or other Hoenn Pokémon that got original models. I kinda get how the Snag Machine needs a charge time, though. But be thankful you didn't have to KO the rest of the opponent's team to Snag, since the games force to KO the extra Pokémon in a Double Wild Battle.
    True, it was probably only useful in late Gen 4 but even then it had it's potential cut short due to Gen 5's release. Well I wouldn't call it that underwhelming. XD

    So after getting Super Fanged directly by them, do most battlers switch out or keep going with their semi-crippled 'Mons? Assault Vest boosts the Sp. Def of the user but forces it to use only attack moves, right? Actually being forced to play them there helped to me to love the format, I only wish you could skip the battle animations since they took up most it the battles.
    I can understand that, after all it doesn't seem like much to me anyway before you told me about that set. Got it. Oh, that clarifies this, but still it is nice to get refered to though. What is underwhelming?

    The part about most sweepers countering Jumpluff, makes sense though. I usually thought of it as more of a False Swipe like move, to catch Pokémon ingame but now I can see there's another use. That sounds good, that way stuff like those won't be able to eat at the team during the battle. I like the format a lot actually, it's just so fun to think of the different combos and using two pokemon at once.
    It took that long for the set to be made? But then again, didn't Mightyena get Super Fang from an Egg Move? That makes sense, must've been cool to be part of that.

    Well that's kinda underwhelming... I hear that, trying to weaken tough things before they get too outta hand is crazy. Magic Bounce makes all status moves targeted against it fail, right? Just imagine how he'd be in Doubles, crazy,
    You mean near the time Gen 5 was released? QC stands for what exactly? I see. Well dogs are generally like that while cats have such a attitude mostly, like being lazy, disregarding stuff, etc. I'm not at all a pet person, I can't handle taking care of another life form that isn't myself. lol

    It's just way more effiecent, especially in XY where you can get a ton of BP and spend that on EV items. After the things that threaten for it have been KO'd. Does that also apply to Garchomp or not really since he can take it? Really? I think Mega Diancie would stay in OU but what do I know. If this were in Gen 5, it wouldn't matter for the permasun, but since this kind only gets stopped by another Primal or Mega Rayquaza, yeah.
    I feel that's what is going to happen with me. There's just certain Nintendo games I love to keep playing. Like Mario Kart and Zelda. Just need to save up the money for it all.
    So one goes down while two others get crippled? That sounds like there's enough damage for your other Pokémon to capitalize on right there. I don't know if I have a preference to dogs or cats since well, I don't own a pet of either species.

    And your only source of lots of money is the E4, and that takes a while. That does sounds pretty powerful alright, and probably hits as hard too. Mega Rayquaza's only real weakness is Fairies but not many Pokémon can stand up to his hugely powerful stats.
    I'm not exactly waiting for ORAS, because I probably won't have money to get it. Fortunately I should be getting a demo code sometime soon, so I'll play that. Same here, I've tried to go back to it, but I find XY to be super stale and they've been dropping the banhammer on anything and everything they can. Pretty similiar here, school and sleeping keeping me occupied, with gaming involved here and there. Just the usual boring stuff, but it's easier when it's simple anyways lol.
    Oh hey there.

    I honestly never noticed you went missing, though I wasn't on very much these past months. Welcome back, then.

    So, how have you been doing then? I haven't spoken to you since what, July?
    That's true, it'd decimate the weaker 'Mons for sure. I see. That does sound awesome on paper, but how well does it work in practice most of the time? Same, I liked Mightyena a lot, and used one in-game during Sapphire and XD, but the Dark = Special thing always threw me into a loop.

    And that's like 9,800 X 10 = 98,000, which is crazy in Pokémon games. But Jumpluff has such a tiny Attack stat...right? Especially those new ORAS Megas, Mega Rayquaza, Mega Salamence, Primal Groudon.
    I expected it to go down into NU tbh, it really doesn't strike me as all that impressive. Super Fang to half HP, and Sucker Punch to finish them off? Really? 3 KOs? That's very impressive considering what Pokémon it is, really.

    That must've been torturous to say the least. That lowered speed irritates me to no end. A Pokémon with terrible attacking power could do that with proper set up? Seriously? Then in tiers like OU and Ubers, you kinda know what are the greatest threats and what counters them, I think.
    I see. Well switching any bulky Water into a Grass or Electric is always a bad move anyway.

    That does make sense, a healing move, a crippling status move, and two STAB attacks make for a simple yet pretty good formula for a bulky Pokémon like Venusaur. I always thought Moltres was hard to use simply because of the gaping Stealth Rock weakness. I see. That is where almost all the activity is at, so I don't blame them. Really? It made a Pokémon like Mighyena not a joke? Really?

    Doing all this EV/IV stuff back then is close to impossible for me, Gen 6 did make things a bit too easy but at least it can be done. That is true, I mean you get all sorts of random Pokémon the lower you go. NU had too many Pokémon to counter at once you mean?
    Such as say, Thunder?

    Really? But, I never assumed it'd be too good with the whole "Psychic/Fire/Flying" weakness thing. But I'm probably judging from OU standards so that's why. Overall, it sounds like UU seems more fun to play around with, that's just from my thoughts. That means he could lower the opposing 'Mon's attacking power and scare it out.

    Same, I only do the EV/IV stuff for the Battle Maison in XY and probably the Battle Resort/Frontier in ORAS. Interesting, I thought that it'd usually be two or three Fire types to rule them all in a Tier tbh, but glad to see that's not always the case.
    Like with entry hazards and taking down anything that could support it? Yeah, that much is true and then it'd stall you.

    Right. But that'd mean it's accuracy and only slightly better, which isn't saying much at all. That is true, after all he can switch back in and destroy.

    PS sure beats having to do everything in-game, it'll be forever to do that. Then how did special go?
    So it had only a few variants of a Pokémon it couldn't get past all too well, but otherwise it was impossible to counter?

    That's interesting, usually I've come to expect higher speeds but I guess faster Pokémon just spoiled me. lol But that's the same accuracy as Focus Miss. Especially Moltres since he 4x resists Scyther's STAB.


    But those are just event moves, and hard to find at that. So there's Darmanitan for speed, Victini for powerhouse, and Arcanine for bulky attacker?
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