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  • Alright, here they are. I hope you like them.

    Wow the days mustve gone by so fast since I was gone o . o YOU'RE IN COLLEGE!?!?!? :OO
    I wish you good luckies on your tests!! :DD
    Unless they already passed - u -;; then I hope you super uber AWESOOOOOMME!!

    Oh darn, well I'm okay with your decision. It's better than I guess forcing yourself into writing something you're not as interested in anymorez D:
    Plus you're busy with COLLEGE!! Just curious, are you still a supporeter of advanceshipping??

    And wow that sig is.... Amazing * 0 * did you edit the pic and made the poem yourself!?!?:OO
    Supertalented Eon yooou >w<
    ...whelp, you blew up the surround area, yet I'm unharmed.


    Anytime. XD

    ...you and Blue are SO easy to have funny stuff happen with...
    Good luck with that. :p

    Ah, I see. I almost wish I read Naruto. XD I would have, but I'm too lazy to catch up anyway.
    I'm already done YAYYYYYYY

    Ah. Is it possible for a resurrected body like him to.... er, die again?
    Let me think...I think that's the only new fanfiction I've started since we last talked. Barring sequels, of course. I have sequels of Angels and Demons and Shadow and Light...
    ikr? XD


    Since you're one of the members I know who also keep up with Naruto... Tell me, is Itachi dead? After... he was revived, that is.
    Bahahahahahaha XD
    That is made of so much win!

    OH, and sorry for forgetting to make your charts.
    I'll have them too you in a little while.
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