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  • I find it hard to hate the main character in anything unless I just hate the entire series.

    Yeah, I've done that before with a Snow Day... I was like, FUUUUUUUU. True enough, guess I shouldn't complain xD
    Ehh, true enough, I was thinking of changing it soon anyways.

    I don't know when ours starts but we get 2 weeks off.. although, you probably get off earlier for Summer Vacation.
    He's also in some of the best fights in the series, plus it's impossible to find ones of Soi Fon or Shunsui so meh.

    Yeah, that's how it's going with me too. When does your break start?
    Why's that? o:

    Pretty good myself, school's a bit stressful but that's it. If you don't mind my asking, what's going on?
    ...either he had to change themes because his fangirls made a dubstep remix or his last one, or he just lies this one better. Me thinks it's the former....

    XD Nice.

    Appropriately named. XD
    Haha, isn't it just glorious? I love it so much. And here I thought I was the only one that didn't know how to do it.

    Yeah, fun stuff happens. :|
    got some breathing space then, that's good to hear!

    thank goodness, i don't think i could survive another four years of math or science xD haha.
    She's a laugh riot. She's pretty cool just kinda touchy sometimes. And yeah, its really weird. I.e., **** my life.
    hahahaha. that is such a lucky curse right there.

    aw, damn man. i know that feel too well :( it's even worse when it's near the end of the semester (which i hope is not the case for you.)

    out of curiosity, does your college make you take "core classes" or something? like certain math classes or science ones along with the ones you choose??
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