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  • Aww lol. Age is just a number. I have a guy at work who is aged 66 and he just never stops working. I feel old when comparing myself to him for taking a sit down while he's still standing.

    Glad you had a good birthday. Smash bros is always a plus!
    Even a Pokémon with a boosting move can't have an easy time? So it was unpredictable and horrifyingly bulky? That's insane and hard to beat, anyone would have a problem.

    It was quick? And bulky too? But this was before it got Thick Fat, right? Yeah but Sleep Powder has shoddy accuracy anyway, if it hit that's great for you, bit otherwise if it doesn't...bad, very bad. Such as Scyther? That makes sense, after all once you've beaten a key factor of the core, it'll fall apart pretty fast.

    But it doesn't have enough bulk to use it if it had that anyway.

    So Arcanine was good for being bulky and a healing move, Darmanitan had it's high attack, and what did Victini have?

    Same here. XD
    Seems like Milotic was annoying to deal with. Wow, that good? Never expected it to be that good actually.

    That makes sense, since Milotic was bulky, Venusaur does whatever he does, and the fire type can play out his role. Like say, being a bulky attacker.

    Oh right, I remember once that someone said offensive Whismicott was good...that is factually wrong.

    Guess I'm still thinking of Arcanine as something else, I mean this was Gen 4 UU not Gen 6 OU.

    No worries, I think it looks better this way and it is more easier to see who says who in response to what. XD
    It had more problems? That's interesting, the FWG core sounds pretty basic though, how'd it get so popular back then? Technician only works with attacks that are 60 Base Power or lower, right? Yeah, I love using it to annoy teams, too bad Taunt forces a switch out. God forbid because it's bad at offense or good? That's unexpected, I always thought of it as too slow and mediocre to do anything.
    So the team you were running had a problem with handling it? That sounds pretty impossible to deal with if you didn't have Donphan. So the different fire types do make a difference in this case, interesting. Especially since it does it forever and ever, it has STAB, speed, attack, and Choice Band. Now I get it, I mean Mega Gengar and Mega Blaziken are powerful but not unstoppable at the very least. Oh right, goes to show how much I forgot about XD, but giving it Charm was such a bad move. Utility eh? Kinda like how a Whismicott would be like for an example?
    I really never knew that could be possible. Really?! But you're very skilled, how could it have been that powerful? Wow, that sounds troublesome to deal with, so unless SR was up, it's unstoppable? That's interesting to note, I thought M-Blaziken and M-Gengar would be there too since they're OP, or so I think. But doesn't it only get Morning Sun from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness? I was sure only from there. I thought it'd be done in with any sort of water type like Milotic to be honest since it doesn't strike me as all that powerful, until now.
    Well I just assumed it'd be that way heh. It is? Yeah, that Stealth Rock weakness is brutal. That is true, nothing is ever perfect in general either. I see. So would you say Ubers is a very predictable tier or no? Oh, yeah those guys can utterly destroy it very fast. That makes sense, better to keep it for the mid-later part of the battle instead of wasting it early on. Arcanine could tank hits? Seriously?
    Wait, Scyther? But why'd anyone use them in UU since they're so fragile? So even Shfitry that sounded pretty good as an anti-lead can get demolished by others? Ouch. That is true, but there are some who are broken entirely. That is true, and those moves are also STAB moves then you add in his high stats, yeah he does sound better than I thought. I see, why is that?
    So it was almost perfect in a sense provided you don't get screwed over with hax and other stuff? People lead with Moltres, why? I see, but if Infernape did pack it or any SE moves against Gyarados...things would be pretty bad unless it switched out.
    Well Brendan and May are like 10 year olds or teens so they could fit. xD Ah. How does it work? Well Electrics are commonly Special Attackers but then that leaves the option of Physical Attacking Electrics out in the open. You mean like Scizor?
    It's really annoying, I'd love to ride on a Charizard or Swellow (if it's big enough) instead of one of those. Anti-leads are roles for Pokémon to destroy the lead Pokémon on another team? It's true, XD So instead of Defense, I could maybe invest in Special Defense?
    Nope, it's just Mega Lati@s only and so they're making it a gift Pokémon or so I heard. But it is good and nicely done. So you've written more articles then? Off by only 100 EVs, so close yet so far, XD I did wonder why HP would be the only defensive EV to he invested into. I can't blame you, this stuff is hard to remember anyway.
    I'll just use one for the flying overworld thing but that's it. Thanks for the link. I'm not all the way done with reading this but it's very well written and detailed as well. It clearly says why you'd put this move on it and why it works and so on. Oh it does? I thought it was a bit lower than that but that's interesting. Only that much? So then the rest goes to Attack and HP I'm guessing?
    I already went nuts after seeing their designs, it's so lazy in all honesty. XD I'd like to see it, thanks. Really? But aren't the offensive Starmie loaded with Speed EV/IVs?
    Pretty much, I don't think anyone would play without complaining. Don't forget about the other ORAS powerhouse Megas like Salamence/Metagross. XD Oh, now it makes sense, thanks. That's cool, is the analysis still up on their site though? So just a lot of HP stuff with natural bulk? Sounds simple but effective.
    Oh right, I remember that weather was infinite in Gen V, imagine if ORAS were Gen V games, the whole meta game would burst into nothingness I tell ya. I don't know what makes it so unique aside from it's stats being highest in Special Defense so it never bothered me. So these Bulky Gyarados, were they specially defensive or physically defensive?
    You are? How was it bad? Well you know with the whole Taunt thing, it can't Roar Gyarados out of the field and it only has Rest, Sleep Talk, and Surf as the other moves so that's what I meant.
    True, not even Gen 5 metagame is being played anymore. Well of course not, it barely has any boosting moves or attacks that aren't resisted. XD
    Oh, I see then. Nah, I'm the one who's barely saying anything interesting, to be honest, it's a bit more fun to hear this stuff than actually do it. XD So what was your last Pokémon on the field and could've been KO'd?
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