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  • Thanks man! I'll definitely check it out a soon as I get some free time from my Summer stuff. Yeah, a quick glance at the page and you ARE the only one reviewing thus far! :p
    I still think marching is great though, but that's all right. I'm not complaining about my lack of having to march for hours on end. :p
    Haha, yeah. I've heard that from some of my other friends at other schools too. At my school we don't have a marching band, just orchestra. I feel like I'm missing out!
    Jeez, that's an impressive Chapter length! Usually mine are on an average of eight or seven pages... Dude, how can you not like band!? Band has to be my absolute FAVORITE class in all of school! That's actually how I got into mine. What do you play?
    So far the chapter writing has taken a backburner turn (again) in light of summer assignments for AP classes and crap, but I'm still working on it every day, little by little. What's taking you? Writer's block?
    Is the whole shippping thing gonna be like....a subplot? I cant think of the name...I mean,you know xxmays flowerxx's story?Yeah well her stroy is mainly about it.
    The reason I didnt think of reading yours is because it dosent seem like that.They just give me more of a "buzz".
    Meh,I read it anyway,and reivewed,I guess I do like it :D.
    I'm thinking of ideas for my first fic,itll be a AdvanceShipping one-shot.
    All I got is that its may birthday.Thank god its a one-shot,then I might have to use a cliffhanger,LIKE YOU!
    So true. But here's the deal, the only way to know how to get Pikachu back is if I understand how pikachu is even being held at Dawns house. I've got the PERFECT idea brewing though! Here, post your respons in a PM, and we'll discuss further...
    Wow, that was wierd. Jeez I freak myself out sometimes. Dude (You are a guy right? I've been wrong before...), awesome reply! You know, I'd be happy to help you out with your Pika-dilema anytime! Yeah, I figured that HP 6 the movie was a great source of inspiration! As I was watching it, I couldn't help but feel as though I was getting sucked in right out of my seat.
    Awesome fic thus far! I really can't wait for more! By the way, you wouldn't say no to a friend request right?
    Pfff.I just dont think thisll be one the storys I really like.I have nothing against your fic but the prolouge sorta put me off.
    I might read this at another time.
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