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  • I'm thinking of making an advanceshipping fanfic.But I dont want anyone to find it on the comp >.<
    I dunno why,I just want people to know I like shipping :p
    ok I'll try and find it...do you take requosts? (not a good speller) can you make a fanfic about Contestshipping VS Advanceshipping??
    Or else they wouldnt be able to stop me posting my weird drabble:

    A kid named tom was walking near a river when he saw a phyduck(I cant spell xd),tom was one of those "weird" people who could talk to pokemon."What's up?"he asked."I just gave birth to triplets.Can you adopt one?"it replied.Tom ran away as fast as he could in horror as what had been said to him.He then got married to goldeen and live happyily ever after in LA-LA land.As for the phyduck?wel....
    She married chuck norris.
    -----The end-----

    Now THAT is messed up.Also,I see you live in ireland :D,me 2.
    Ok, thanks. I'm still trying to learn this stuff, and If you remember how much of a dumbass I was at the beginning, this is just par for the course.
    Don't beat yourself up over the past. What matters is that now you're willing to improve.
    Mine is always trying to escape and about the chapters it's alright mine computer is sometimes slow and won't show some pages it's very fustrating
    yes I have and i'm curious about the next chapter and well my dog has a bit the personality of a cat cause hes really afraid of water. I'm trying to get rid of his fear and it worked a bit now only get him rid off his shower fear and to me mew doesn't looks like a cat the feet of mew are to big and it's body is kinda smal (but cute).
    I took that test too and i'm a latias too what a coincidence I did the test for my dog too (yeah i'm a freak) and he ended up being a mew hehe
    Yeah, I've been researching a new interesting game series, Touhou Project. Don't worry, I'm still writing.
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