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  • Because of his typing? 49th, that's also very good placement. Exactly. So. Starmie is the most balanced, got it. That's pretty likely to happen since boosting moves are something you can't just use once in a battle. Did he rage-quit afterwards?
    Yooooooo! Our conversation was cut off with Serebii being down. I talked to my Mom and she said to give the DVDs to Raven for next time she comes over ^^; That's my Mom for ya!
    Isn't it ironic how everything comes into full circle, Heatran was stalled by Blissey, Blissey is dead against Jirachi with flinch hax, then Heatran counters that. I see. But Starmie does have a better move pool, like Thunderbolt and Psychic yes? Oh...right. If they did then they set themselves up for something bad?
    Damn, that sounds like hell, the Bliss part of Blissey must be some sort of ironic joke. Let me guess, they switch into each other constantly? That is true. I can imagine Rotom-W would work really well, since it does have Levitate right? And then it comes a case of switching constantly?
    Wow, that's just painful, Blissey is like hell without a physical sweeper or wall breaker. Oh, that makes total sense. Wonder if you could still do that now though, sure would be interesting. But what would ruin him completely? An electric type equipped to deal with him?
    So Blissey could stop it if it doesnt have that move? Why Dugtrio, he doesnt have Lightning Rod. Yeah, that sounds pretty dangerous, especially if Gyarados had been boosting for a while.
    It sounds almost invincible, what could it NOT do? But c'mon, just one Thunderbolt and it should be KO'd, right? You mean lolBlizzard? Yeah that move sucks, I always use Ice Beam in it's place. He looks kinda like a Dark Ball Heartless from the Kingdom Hearts series to me.
    What did Heatran do to make you hate it? Lol, Gyarados was actually dangerous? Must be in doubles so it could do the whole Gyarados + Lightningrod Pokémon thing. Misszard does what again? Mega Glalie shows how bad they are sometimes.
    And I'm guessing they all had countermeasures in place to help them battle Pokémon they're very bad against? How about Inaccurate but is Buffed Up-Thunderbolt? Watch this, they'll probably ignore them like always or make a decision even worse than ever.
    You mean like Garchomp and Salamence? Lol, Mega Charizard X was meant to be played easy. What other moves are just as miss heavy, Hydro Flop? It also adds more playing value to find all the clothing options, like the hats, buttons, and so on. If the next game is set in Kalos then yes, otherwise not likely, which is just sad on GF's part.
    Oh. That sounds ridiculously OP even, like how could something with a 4x weakness be that dangerous to fight? So Salamence was just Mega Charizard X, both easy to play with and easy to predict then? Luck hax can be pure evil, like with Focus Miss. Yeah I know, there's a lot of other stuff unique to Kalos and choosing that is lame. Why not the Roller Skates or something else? I really loved it as well, the male avatar didn't have much clothing but still was nice to have.
    They banned Salamence from OU and nearly banned Heracross from UU? Why'd they ever do that? Like anything that's left up to chances or the RNG, Smogon hates it or so I heard, it's probably nothing. Their excuse was for Kalos having something unique to itself...so that means the Pokémon they had in it aren't unique...oh. I'll still buy it though, mostly cause Sapphire didn't have a BF but I still liked it. Not to mention the OST is amazing.
    haha.. honest mistake.. besides.. it's one way to greet someone!

    How are you though and how was your birthday?
    That does sound way too specific, like very specific. Oh never mind, guess it was just some Smogon hater who said that, pay no heed. I'm not even sure ORAS will have the Battle Frontier, shame if they skipped it cause that'd one if the best things about the originals.
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