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  • Now that's pretty Farfetch'd. *shot* How'd you revamp it exactly? It has? I thought it was a Pokémon that's amazing at beating this one. Guess that takes too much inconsistency or time? Cause I heard something about Smogon hating on things that are random. But the Battle whatever you call them, their teams on the Super Battles are insane. Like all three Legendary dogs from Jotho and a Latios. True, a balance between both is needed.
    Pretty good? C'mon, that is very good. Well that much is true for almost every Pokemon (except Luvdisc). Mega Kangaskhan being banned was actually valid while banning Aegislash was laughably poor. It should be about placing Pokemon in a tier they'd be best as not using the usage thing for it. But Gen 6's Battle Maison has like a ton of BP after EACH battle not every 7 battles which is SO helpful for BP grinding.
    But top twenty in Gen 5 is pretty awesome. Aegislash wasnt that tough to beat anyway, then Mega Mawile could be done in with some good planning as well. It's like they're too lazy to make actua; strategies to counter them. The battle Tower, ah yes I can't ever seem to get good at it but back in Gen 4 I never bothered with the EV/IV stuff anyway so there's my problem right away. The rewards are also poor, I mean 1 BP per 7 battles?
    Wow, top twenty? That's amazing, imagine if you were still battling now, you'd be even better. Oh yeah, I hear ya on those bans, like the ones for Mega Lucario, Blaziken, and probably Mega Salamence. That luck hax is most common in the Battle Factory, that place loves to hate me. XD
    Oh you did competitive battling? I'm trying to get into it, but it's just not my thing honestly. I don't have the patience for it and I'm terrible at strategizing. I'm only in it for the Battle Frontier-like areas to he honest.
    Really? Well alright then, I can respect your decision after all. Many others don't have the time so they retired as well. In fact one the League Officials in charge of the system had to leave his position due to being very busy. So it's not just you.
    I did see that, nice to have her approval and thanks.

    Well if you ever plan to make a comeback, I'll be here to help as I'm a trainer there. Trainer Level 2 in fact.
    Well this is a big contribution so it's all made up for, at least for now haha.

    Anyways, I was lurking a few threads here and I saw that you were a trainer in the Pokemon Anime Style Battling League, that right?
    Not a problem, it was my pleasure man. She'd be happy to see someone pick up where she left off, I'm sure of it. And you did credit her so there's that.
    Oh yeah fair enough, I guess F/Z and the others give you a decent idea of how the Fate universe works so Heaven's Feel would make more sense. Gotta agree with that, definitely one of my favourite villians in general aswell. For real? From what I've heard the producers did some research and it's apparently an actual battle cry x) I'd have to look more into that, but I honestly thought he was one of the best characters in the show along Kirei and Kiritsugu.

    Saw that, they had it for pretty cheap on Amazon (for whatever reason they decided to localize it but still haven't done the same for the VN lol) but my PSP won't read UMDs anymore), wanted to pick it up myself but I'm definitely not going out to buy a new PSP or a Vita lol.

    Also I totally recommend you watch the Kara no Kyoukai films if you want to get into some more of Type-Moon's works. It's one of their earliest works that was published in the late 90's but the studio that did Fate/Zero adapted them into a series of movies a few years ago. There's a few discrepancies here and there but you can see a lot of things that influenced later stuff like Fate.
    yeah and it takes a while to get up there. highest i ever got is like 91 i think? but yeah i thonk if it's irritating that's it's time to stop
    i just wanna see how high of a streak i can get with all these new toys. i see where you come from though, after reaching 511(?) wins it would be really boring
    That's okay! I hope you still feel better c;
    I have to do summer homework today since I've been neglecting it due to the drama on USARP and Raven coming over the other day xD
    It's going great! I' on USARP right now, and probably can go on the Commons. I just come around here to browse and talk a lot xD
    I'd definitely recommend reading the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works routes of the VN as well, the anime didn't really do that great of a job of adapting the Fate route and the UBW movie is basically just a recap (plus the way Gilgamesh lost to Shirou in it was pretty laughable :p). You could always just wait for ufotable's F/SN anime adaption in October as well, I suppose. Funny thing is the first time I watched F/Z I didn't really get into it, watched it again in September (about a year after watching it for the first time) and it's one of my favourite series now.
    yeah same, i liked the storyline but it felt kinda short so maybe they'll make an addition. also some new megas (ik that there will be ones for swampert and sceptile). and they better bring back the battle tower, i loved that in platinum
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