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  • It's not that they have a hive mind, it's that "they/their/themselves" is the closest aproximation to gender neutral pronouns (that are accepted by most people) that English has. Since both Oro and Sender are neither male nor female, and "it" is dehumanizing, I used the pronouns that I use for myself and I'm certainly an autonomous being.
    I wouldn't worry about it too much, but yeah. Some GMs might kick you out for doing something like that. Obviously, I didn't, but I honestly see where you're coming from, I just wish you would have let me know. ^^; I'm just a bit OCD when it comes to things like that, I suppose.

    And if you want to make a wild character, be my guest! That side's really hurting for players right now anyway, and if you think you can handle a fourth one, go right ahead.
    Yes, it was the ability and moveset part if the sheets. Really, something like that should have gone in the "Other" section, and I'm still confused as to why you rearranged the Manifest Abilities part too.

    It's alright, I was just confused over why you didn't follow format in the first place.
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