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  • Hi. Do you need any help with completing your pokedex? I have all but 2 pokemon (it has taken me 1 and a half years as I had to track down old games, so I know how hard it is!), but I am able to breed and/or help with trade evolutions if you need it.
    I just found out the WiFi I am using doesn't let me trade on gen4 but I can help on Tuesday when I go to the library the WiFi there works on gen 4 and gen 5 games just found out the WiFi here doesn't work on gen 4 and it started acting up last night so again sorry for the inconvenience
    Yeah sorry about that, anyway I'm off to bed, it's 20 past midnight where I am, haha, we'll sort this timing thing out soon :p should be around tomorrow if I'm not staying out xD
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