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Last Activity:
Dec 24, 2019
Aug 13, 2012
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October 13
probably in Inaba

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"Let's go, partner!", from probably in Inaba

Things sure have changed since I was last here over two years ago, but I suppose you could say the same about me. I'm a Persona nerd now! Dec 24, 2019

EonMaster101 was last seen:
Dec 24, 2019
    1. dgarock
      Hey, it's been forever haha. How are you doing?
    2. EonMaster101
      Things sure have changed since I was last here over two years ago, but I suppose you could say the same about me. I'm a Persona nerd now!
    3. dgarock
      I seriously want to live in a place like Canada or Scotland haha.
      I know, right? In Kalos I did that, but there we had much more Pokémon to catch, in Alola there aren't that much... It's useful and also it's the only way to use the Island Scan and get some non-Alona Pokémon...
      I have many Pokémon to transfer from the Bank,it's also the only way to transfer Pokémon between XY/ORAS and SM.
    4. dgarock
      Well, I'm not using other sites or forums, so that would useless xD
      I believe it's pretty much the same, most people that have money here love the idea of living in the USA, things like that... So pretty much, it's the same system...
      Haha, I was filling my Pokédex while playing, so I didn't take that long to complete it after beating the League... Well, those QR Codes are quite useful, I can register shinies without breeding or catching one haha. After we get the Update from Pokémon Bank I'll be playing competitive again, that's for sure.
    5. dgarock
      Yeah haha, we've tried e-mail before xD. Well, whatever haha.
      You'll find a way, I'm sure of that, otherwise you'll create a new path, who knows? Maybe you're a diamond who needs to be polished? I think our system, both Brazilian and American, don't know how to treat talents that well.
      Anyway, how are you in Sun/Moon? I recently beat the Pokémon League, now I'm doing some side-quests and trying to complete the Pokédex.
    6. dgarock
      It happens, you don't have any other way so we can talk right? I also barely enter here at Serebii, I may show up a little more now that I'm playing Pokémon Sun...
      Well, everything that is 'average' can be worked out into something better I think... Still, you'll find something, just don't let it get into you, I mean, people are usually mean for people who are more talented in arts than math for example.
      I'm at half-game, I'm playing at my rhythm, and I believe that I'll have to take a break next week anyway...
      And well, I guess people chose the psycho haha, it's a hard choice, but I believe that the corrupt was the 'least worse' choice xD.
    7. Symphony
      Yea, I agree. Stress has really come over me lately >~< Welp, I get a short break soon enough.
    8. dgarock
      Yes, I find both our situations pretty alike, it's the fascism season I guess =/
      You'll find something, I'm sure of it, you're smart, you just need to find the thing that brings you passion, it's complicated sometimes, I was lucky that I always loved computers haha, but I know people that changed their course 2 or 3 times already, start doing something they didn't like at College and began again...
      I liked the Demo too, but it's a bit too short, I should get ready to pre buy my game already, I'm not sure how long it will take to get it if I left until the official release...
      That would be lovely, but if Trump gets elected, it will be complicated, he wants to build a wall against all Latin Americans, and Brazilians ARE Latin Americans hahaha. Clinton is not a saint either, from my point of view as an outsider, you're either getting a psycho or a corrupt as president.
    9. Zephraxe
      School work is awful. Honestly having too much homework made me like school less, and made me even less motivated to do any of it.
    10. Symphony
      Yeeeup ^^ Always be thankful for what you have.

      XDXDXD I felt your pain. I know what it is like to always be busy with clubs, studies, etc.
    11. dgarock
      Our problems is more related to politics, though... I fear that a Dark Age is approaching Brazil...
      Hmm, it's hard to choose what to do, right? I guess I was luck that I had always in mind that I wanted to work with computers, and now I'm studying Computer Engineering haha. But I think that some tests to see what you like exists, right? At least I've heard of them...
      Good luck, Volcanion is pretty cool, I download the Demo of Sun and Moon, I'm impressed with the overall graphics, the characters are more alive than in XY and OrAs.
      It's cool indeed, I hope someday I'll have the chance of meeting them in person.
    12. Symphony
      Yea, I guess I could be starving on the streets somewhere ^^;

      XD Welcome to my busy world~ I try to get in hour in every once in a while.
    13. Wolfaotic
      Happy birthday!
    14. dgarock
      I'm glad to hear that, and hopefully there won't be casualties... Things are already so bad over the World, my country is in a pretty delicate situation...I can't even begin to explain...
      Well, I think it's pretty useless to get a job that isn't related to the area you want to follow a career, getting a job for the sake of it, if you don't really need money of course, it's pointless...
      I totally understand, I have some series and Anime to catch up as well...
      You know, a good friend of mine helped me get a Volcanion, even though it's a code event, not available for Brazil for example... In this moment where I'm feeling pretty much hopeless about the future, it's to know I have friends here and around the World, including you of course. ^_^
    15. dgarock
      I hope you and your family are alright...
      By your own? You want to move out of town? Otherwise I don't see why you should live alone just yet... But again, different cultures, maybe there it's common to move out once you're 18 haha.
      Well, the Anime is better anyway, so as long as you're watching Adventure tri. you're not missing too much. There are also quite a bit of Digimon games that never made outside of Japan...
    16. Symphony
      *Hugs back* ;-; I'll make it, but not without a scratch or two.

      Yea, that will help. I haven't played Pokemon in a while, either XD
    17. dgarock
      You know, I was about to try to contact you, I was worried, I think you've mentioned living in Florida, and I've heard you guys had a terrible weather there...
      I think I'm losing track of time, you're nearly an adult now, you were 13 when we started talking hahaha.
      So far, I only have Sun/Moon on my list, if I had money, I'd already get all other games that I want and are already released haha. You should try, though I think you'll have a hard time to find them, since they're for PS1, PS2, NDS and now PS4 and PS Vita.
    18. Symphony
      And I'm back to my crazy, stressed self now @-@

      Oh, well, hopefully you get them around release ;)
      Pokemon is my favorite, so I always get the games on day 1. Can't say that about other series, though.
    19. Zephraxe
      I've been all right. Been playing lots of Overwatch and Fallout 4 recently you.
    20. dgarock
      Well, maybe it's just a phase, you're young, I don't like giving that old man talk, but you'll turn 15 next October right? As far I'm aware, it's around that age that we get lazy as Hell haha.
      I still believe we'll access to them later, maybe for competitive... But you know, I was more excited for XY and Sun/Moon, that much I must admit. I'm excited for Digimon World Next Order that will be released next year.
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    October 13
    probably in Inaba
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Back...? Everything is so different, but I missed this place. Maybe I'll be active again.


    "I thought my life’d finally have meaning if I was ‘special’ to someone. But I really didn’t need it… It’s not what you have, or what you can do. Just being born, living your life… before you know it, you’re already special to someone."
    ~ Yosuke Hanamura