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  • Yea, and crazy, stress periods last a long time for me.

    Ouch, that blows. I usually buy it on day one, but I understand if you have to wait.
    I'm very excited as these look to be some of the best looking games on 3DS :)
    Funny, I was like that a bit hahaha. Some teachers used to describe me as "smart, but a little lazy" haha. There were times when it indeed caused me problems as well, it's a pain, but it's the best to do at least the basic.
    I think it's a pretty good idea, maybe something to be introduced in earlier generations, I though that Mega would grow this Gen but it's seems like they're making completely new things now.
    Ah nice. Life's been alright for me as well. But I know it's going to get rough again here soon.

    Excited for Sun/Moon?
    Well, GF was giving signs of some changes, I liked those Alolan forms, I think it was something that could have been explored early, since it's a normal path of evolution, to adapt to the ambient where you live...
    School is always annoying, I kinda wish that I could do things a little different back then...
    I'm good, there are some complications where I'm living, my country is in an uproar because of a coup... But about me, it's everything fine for now, can't say I will endure this illegitimate government for so long. I don't have any news about games, except for one, Life is Strange, what a lovely game, with a lot of language but still a very nice story. I'm waiting for Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice to be released today in a few hours, and of course, Pokémon Sun and Moon hahahaha.
    Hey uh if anyone still has as a friend- ahahaha- and happens to see this... well... I'm going to try and be more active around here. I really missed the friends I made and feel about just disappearing like I did before.
    A-Anyways, i-if anyone wants to talk or maybe even RP or whatever really just feel free to leave a message!
    I saw the news haha, well, I've liked the things so far, but there is still barely nothing we know haha, I've liked the starters and the main legendary Pokémon (specially the one from Sun). The region being based in Hawaii gave me mixed feelings too, I only hope it's not a Water based Region like Hoenn, enough with 3 Water-type HMs hahaha.
    I see, I think you'll probably be done with your test when you read this, so hopefully things went smoothly for you.
    You'll have plenty of time to rest afterwards. :p

    Though, it costs like 80 dollars... >_> I can't say it's worth THAT price. :/ There is a free trial, though.
    Good luck, then! Only a month to go! You got this! d('v' )

    I doubt it'll work on non-computers, to be honest. :/ You can port the games to mobile, but not the program itself.
    Today we'll get (or already got, haven't read it yet) news about the game. Hopefully it will turn out nice.
    Just a feeling I had, maybe it's just stress indeed. Hopefully you'll get a break soon. Anyway, if you need to talk about something, you know that you can count on me.
    Indeed, but like I said, usually Pokémon isn't a game that make us wonder about story, it's kinda of a land of make-believe haha. I'm also wondering about the overall quality of the game, I mean, XY and OrAs were kinda hard to make them for 3DS, they barely have 3DS effects, and are way more heavier than others (comparing OrAs is about 3 times higher than overall 3DS games), so I wonder how they'll pull Sun and Moon off, I really hope it won't be exclusive to the New 3DS though...
    Yeah, but I still feel like there is something else bothering you, you've always been busy with studies, but this time seems different, maybe you're just tired, I don't know.
    Same here... ;>_>
    Though, not this week! I actually worked on some projects instead of going home! I'm proud of myself.

    Same here.
    I sometimes use RPG Maker to listen to stuff. Some songs sound pretty good when sped up or slowed down! Megalovania, for example, sounds pretty good at 120% speed.
    Yeah, even though I was not a huge fan of Pokémon from Gen V, the story of Black & White made us think quite a bit, right? I'd like something like that.
    Sorry you're going through a hard time, wish I could help with that... How long until Summer break there?
    Or when you have the chance to work on it, but you waste it instead!

    I'm currently listening to Aqua's Song from Fire Emblem Fates...the Japanese version, that is. ^^;
    Indeed, the story in XY was a little...meh...Black and White was good, BW2 not so much haha, but anyway, Pokémon is probably the game series with worst stories overall, so I won't be expecting anything that actually impress me in that matter.

    Really? What's happening then, do you want to talk about it?
    Good, better than last year, but not the way I'd like to be, yet...hopefully in little time I'll be 100%
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