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Recent content by EpicKitten

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    The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

    Anyone up for a rotation battle? PM me if interested!
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    #249 Lugia

    I have a Level 100 Lugia! Anyone want it? Looking for Shiny Absol, Shiny Vulpix, and Shiny Liepard!!!
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    Kitten's Trade Shop (Looking for Absols!)

    Hello! I am Kitten. Welcome to my trading shop! As you know, from the title, I am looking for Absols. But, I won't just trade you anything for an Absol. It has to be either between level 75 and 100, or shiny. I know how to catch them. (In Giant Chasm, just outside the cave!) So, you wonder what...
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    #494 Victini

    I have a legit Victini and I am looking for offers! Anyone who wants it, please PM me! Also, I would like shinies!
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    #587 Emolga

    Hey, if anyone could trade me an Emolga, I have Zoroas and I have Eevees! (All Lvl. 1!)
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    Poké Roulette in Battle Revolution

    This is how you do it. Point your pokeball-cursor at the very bottom of the wheel. Wait for the choice you want to come about 1/12(left of top) away from the very top. Press A and TADA! It's yours. If this helps, please say so!
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    Thanks for oining my group! If you have any sprites to post, go ahead and do so! ^^

    Thanks for oining my group! If you have any sprites to post, go ahead and do so! ^^
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I know gears don't have faces. I just don't think they put enough creativity into them. Just slapping a face onto a gear... Is that an original idea? It seems like they had no more ideas left so they had to use it as a last resort. Anyone could just slap a face onto a gear and call it a...
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Most pokemon are not exactly like an actual object. They are modified at least a little bit.
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Eh, they're not new, so people forget them. I thought that way about them when they first came out.
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Those weird gear pokemon were probably made by a bored person who had no ideas. They are so... Unoriginal.
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    Your most unusual foes that you swear were hacked

    A maxed out shiny Arceus with Wonder Guard. I beat it with my Dialga, but it took FOREVER.
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    My friend asked me to make her the eeveeloutions with wings, except for vaporeon and leafeon. I'm going to look into the issue of the missing pics, and thanks you guys for constructive criticism! (it's always welcome!)
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    Any pokemon you want

    Are you here to wi-fi battle..? If you are, I'd be happy to battle, but I don't want your pokemon. I dislike all hacked pokemon.
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    I'm new here, and I am trying sprite editing. I'm not the best, but... It's a family photo! I'm going to post these each separately soon, but I just had this quick picture ready for here. I'm going to make a lot more winged sprites if I get good comments. If I get bad ones... Well, I'll think...