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  • Have you seen the most recent pokemon episode? I'm sure you'd have an interesting take on it
    I have seen it, but I find I don't comment on most episode threads.

    It was an okay episode that was enjoyable to watch but hampered by foreseeable production problems (namely animation and Hayashi's score) and displayed the upper bounds of the episodic nature the series has taken.
    About your reply from the Ash's need thread. Yes, I'm unsatisfied and I was annoyed about the issues. My Serena fan project was the perfect solution to get over these issues, since I really got what I wanted from her and there's no way the writers would do something on that scale. And it's not only a Serena issue, but the whole status quo issue where Ash got to do much more than the companions.
    Except...what you expected wasn't even in line with what the show was close to presenting. That's what baffles me. That you expected something that was never in the cards for the show and somehow feel it needs to be "punished" for being that, in a sense.
    It feels more, ultimately, that you wrote your own story and instead of trying to accept what the writers wanted to tell, when it didn't match your vision, it was considered as worthless, which is a poor frame of mind for any storyteller.
    Well, go ahead baffle more if you must, I don't care. You're not going to change my mind that I don't like Ash & the show status quo and I would have stopped arguing more and get over with if you guys aren't there to influence me to have your ways for the sake of your favoritisms, which is something I don't take it lightly. That being said, we're done.
    Yo man, how is it going? How's the fanfiction biz going on? Or that new book you are working on?
    I was thinking of making my own fanfic about Amourshipping. Of my own telling of Pokemon XY
    could you make a fanfiction about Serena fighting agianst all the girl for Ash's love?
    I see that your final SatoSere-related fanfic is done (or almost done). What comes next for you? [SM is doing a bad job of entertaining me, alas.]
    Ah, a fellow SatoSere comrade. Greetings. I see you're a writer for (ostensibly) a living. What do you write about? [I have no interest in fan fiction, I'm sorry to say, but I've been a writer/editor ever since I wrapped up my undergrad.]
    I could, and the Pokemon company could be in existence so Yvonne could walk in on Ash playing X or Y version with his Kalos Team.
    Yeah, true, but it would be against the Au, I'll think about it.

    Ooo! I'll go check it out sometime.
    Well the story is a crossover AU in the real world Toyko, but more characters will be showing up soon enough like Diantha, Cynthia, Lance, Shauna, Tierno and Trevor so that shouldn't be a problem. I have five reviews between my two chapters and over 100 views per so, I'm not doing so bad. My stories always seem to get some kind of attention, even if they are crossovers or something of the like. I like that story, I can't wait for the next chapter.

    Yeah, I always found their relationship to be cute. Really? That sounds exciting, I'm looking forwards to it.
    No problem.

    Yeah, but I have no way to promote so I don't.

    Well, chapter 3 is in writing and should be out tonight (British time) so maybe by then you'll have an idea. Really... you'll read the second chapter? I'm honoured truly. No, it's not unkind, you're judging it fairly giving the story a chance to show itself. Considering favs and alerts haven't changed since Chapter 2 was uploaded, I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong.

    Alright, I'll go and check it out!
    It's okay, I've been busy too.

    People do but they aren't good, especially since they just add text over anime scenes. I would animate a trailer myself if I were ever to make one.

    Really? Did you like it? I have got a few following it but I don't know if other amourshippers would like it.

    Yes! Bonnie gets to see Squishy again! Friends forever!

    I want to slug him one on behalf of Serena and Lillie, as a fellow female. Ooh, can't wait!
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