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  • No problem.

    Yeah, but I have no way to promote so I don't.

    Well, chapter 3 is in writing and should be out tonight (British time) so maybe by then you'll have an idea. Really... you'll read the second chapter? I'm honoured truly. No, it's not unkind, you're judging it fairly giving the story a chance to show itself. Considering favs and alerts haven't changed since Chapter 2 was uploaded, I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong.

    Alright, I'll go and check it out!
    It's okay, I've been busy too.

    People do but they aren't good, especially since they just add text over anime scenes. I would animate a trailer myself if I were ever to make one.

    Really? Did you like it? I have got a few following it but I don't know if other amourshippers would like it.

    Yes! Bonnie gets to see Squishy again! Friends forever!

    I want to slug him one on behalf of Serena and Lillie, as a fellow female. Ooh, can't wait!
    Okay, no prob.

    Some people make trailers but not really, I didn't know that twitter was used before I found your twitter.
    Really? Awesome. I hope you enjoy it when you do read it (Currently SOS shiny hunting for Cuitefly) I always plan my summaries in advance. It seems to work well for me for having a good summary.

    No, many youtube accounts are amourshipping active... twitter too.
    It's very active if, in less than 12 hours, said store has 11 favs and 7 alerts. It's more active on some YouTube accounts . Well one reviewer did say they came for the summary and stayed for the chapter. The story is called Detective Yvonne of you actually wanna read it.

    Yeah, I agree so I tend to stick away from the depression stuff.
    Thanks, I am trying my best with it and hopefully it's worth reading. People seem to like it already but I have put that it's amourshipping on the front which is why possibly.

    Yeah, at least Serena snapped him out of that one but this time... it'll take a lot more. I can see why, Ash is normally a cheerful, bubbly character so it can be hard to write him all depressed and such.
    Sorry, I've been really busy for while so sorry.

    That amourshipping story I was taking about is finally out, but is a work in progress, so chapters will be out when possible. Hmm... yeah we don't have high schools. I try to make different stuff whenever I can but its hard when sometimes things have already been done.

    Check out those reviews if you dare. I think the depression arc matches cannon, I mean he went through one in XYZ so he could technically go through another.
    So, what are your thoughts about the Sun and Moon anime right now? And why?
    It does it bit, doesn't it?

    You need to have a story in the hundreds of follows and favs to actually have someone who will do it for you. I could never write one since I have no idea what High School is like due to being British and all. Oh, that sounds intresting. I hate the kind of stories which follows four girls living together with secret powers or something who meet four boys and they fall in love... it's a temple for some high school stories and I really don't like them. There are way too many that follow a general shipping pattern and I, for one, have never been a Pokeshipper. I agree, the journey for the readers is the best part.

    Hmm, the fans have a huge love for Dawn so I can see why there was backlash, but you may have told the readers about it beforehand so that they didn't attack you two over it. Hmm... I've read that a bit but the whole idea doesn't ingtrege me all that much so I kinda left it. I know... I was sickened by it and there is a backlash from reviewers about what happened in it.
    Well it is about Team Rocket, thus the R. Ooo, sounds interesting! I'll look forward to it, and at least you try.

    I know, in fact Gym Leaders, N and that Simon guy from that Johto episode with the guy that can speak to Pokemon are confirmed Sensors but there are more people out there. That's really the best way to do it but like I said, I don't have an account on TV Tropes and I'd rather be excited by a fan writing it to see what they do with it but yeah, it must have taken ages to complete. Ooo, sounds really interesting, That sounds like a good idea and yeah, pratically everything has been done before but if to you, it's come for your own mind and not some cliched betrayal fic or a high school AU, then you know you're doing good. I know I have one mainly original story (All the cases and storyline of Kindred Spirits are mine but I used characters from the franchises) but with my other stories, I have no clue. I try to be original but it depends on what I'm writing.

    Uh huh, I try to keep characters out of OOC territory unless and event happens that would turn said characters OOC but not MAJORLY OOC. I see, and I know that, its was really confusing. Farla's own stories (If you can call them that) are worse. They don't pass 1,000 words in most cases and one accuses Ash of being a murderer of the Grimer and Muk in the original series. Reading them would be worse than bleeding eyes, trust me.

    Uh huh, it also allows you to release the anger bottled up inside. But seriously, thanks to listening (Or reading) my rant.
    I have seen some of your promotions when browsing though any twitter account that looks slightly Pokemon related. I come up with titles without wanting to sound too... dubish. With Fratricide I decided every chapter has an R-word (As in a word beginning with the letter r) based on what happens in it. The chapter title explains what happens in a few words for me, but that's just my style.

    That's why I invented Sensors in IB, people with abnormal senses derived from Pokemon to human evolution thanks to the Sinnoh mythos books. And it's way more common than Aura and it's not a superpower so noone can break down walls or become Godlike with them... sorry, rambling on a bit there. I wish I had the courage to create my own account to do that but I don't and I'm just fiddling my thumbs until someone likes it enough to put it up on there. Oh god a satirical betrayal fic is something someone needs to do, and have a Deadpool like character that constantly points out the flaws of the whole "Betrayal fic idea". Don't bother with it, a betrayal fic by any other name is still a betrayal fic. I try to be original and yes, some of my ideas are but I wonder if I'm not being entirely original all the time.

    When it comes to fanfiction, building plot with the characters you love is the main focus as well as improving your own style to suit your writing. I like picking up the positives and only use grammar/spelling with people I know will be happy that I pointed it out politely. I have read it actually! (I used to be a huge amourshipper but it died down a bit after the kiss episode and then, thanks to your series, it's now my second fav OTP.) And yeah, it did go off the rails. Her personal best aren't to my taste but they are to St Elmo's Fire... I think a couple of Genius OC stories and some betrayal fics are in there, I haven't checked in ages to be honest.

    Thanks, I needed to get that out. I actually wrote a mini rant in my Author's Note in reply to him.
    Sadly, I don't have twitter and won't but I'll still check it out. My plan for Fratricide has the names of the chapter with bulletpoints summarising the contents of that section of the chapter, same with IB (Interlocking Bonds) I realised it was a good idea after I lost the will to write some of my old ideas since I never wrote down a plan. Yeah, it is and I like writing serious situations, they are actually some of the things I find easier to write.

    Seriously once, for s***'s and giggles (I really don't know how else to say it so sorry if swearing offends you) I checked the reviews of a REALLY popular betrayal story - it was in the high hundreds with follows and favourites - and one reviewer praised them for being invative and original in their story in making Ash god-like. I hate it when people do that, sure, he's an advanced trainer but since when was he a psychic?! Aura powers I get because they are cannon but psychic? Come on people, original stories aren't that hard to invent (Ancienverse is a proud example and congrats on getting a TV tropes page, I'd love to have one for one of my own stories someday to get a page.)

    Everyone has their own unique form of writing and people prefer reading different forms of writing. One person can't justify telling everyone the best way to write, even if they are a professional, highly achieving author. Plus, Farla has a community for her "Best stories" and some of them are really good, don't get me wrong but others... god, I wonder how someone even thought that was a good idea. I get why the Ancienverse has a community (One, it's a good series and two, not all of your stories are Ancienverse so it was clever to put them all in one place so someone can binge read if they want to) but some of her "Personal best" are my idea of a living hell....

    Sorry about ranting but I was infuriated when St Elmo's Fire copied and pasted onto two of my stories, only commenting on the "any" world part of one of them.
    Really, thanks. But don't force yourself into it. I plan my stories, what I'm gonna write for each chapter and how many there will be. Fratricide will have 35 chapters, and the story truly picks up from chap 5. Yeah, I understand, I just imagine scenes from my stories when walking as if they are from the anime itself, just like I do when I read all stories.

    Same, I read mainly anime stories and betrayal fics aren't my thing. (I hate them so much due to what they imply.) Yeah, copy and pastes whilst praying to the Farla Goddess, even though she makes as many mistakes as you or I would. I just don't get people like that.

    Thank you!
    Uh huh, but there will be implied Amourshipping just for the fans. I really want to flesh out their characters and it should be up tonight if I'm lucky. Well, a fellow writer of the anime characters I think you're doing great. Serena having doubts is something she does a lot in the anime and You're doing fine with Ash. To be honest, I wish my writing was more like yours.

    That's okay! I don't need you to read it! I mean you may not like my stuff since it's crazy things including crossovers and a genderbending one which I don't think you'll like... I didn't even give him a chance, thanks to fan support on chapter two of Interlocking Bonds, I just blocked the weirdo. Pokemon names are proper nouns and, as such, DESERVE capitalisation. Have you seen the backlash on his stories? He literally is a hypocrite and everyone berates him for it. I have seen the hatred out of pure curiosity after his review to see if he could back up his claims. He can't, his stuff is grammatically wrong constantly.

    On a different note, is it okay if I sent a friend request here on serebii? If you don't want me to it's fine!
    Yeah, I'm actually planning a Team Rocket orientated fanfic called Fratricide which focuses on the characters and their backgrounds over battling (even though it's set in Orre during the XD Gales of Darkness game) Don't doubt yourself you're doing amazingly in my opinion and I've studied professional authors with amazing characters.

    Oh, I thought you'd read some of my work or something. I had to block that guy as well! He spammed on two of my stories.
    Uh huh, People like my battles but I rarely do them and focus on character development because I prefer plot building and character development. I rather like those ideas.

    Huh, you've heard of me? Well, I have had a bad experience with the PM feature on my old account so I don't do it.
    I have had both. Oh and yeah, someone complained to me that Charizard isn't coming back in my story, two people did. If they want Charizard so much then they can write a fanfic themselves about it.

    Okay, I'll check it out . My Fanfic name is Sapphiria, so you know which reviewer is m
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