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Erik Destler

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  • Have you seen this video?
    It was done by one of the head animators of that spy TV series Archer. It's 18 minutes long and does drag in a few parts, but it's full of 1D goodness!
    Figures. xD But 'tis cool. I don't think anyone really remembers me back in those days anymore. I just randomly went *poof* at some point. lol
    Anyways, I'm alright, as well. Feels great to graduate from high school, haha. xP
    Hey Erik. It's been quite a loooooong while. Just passing by to say hi. :]
    How've you been?
    (Btw, in case you're wondering, I was formerly starfire_jirachi. Not sure if you still remember me, but I used to be pretty active in the '08-'09 days. o.o)
    Yah, mine's pretty similar to yours:
    Zayn = Liam > Louis > Nial >>>>>>>>>>>> Harry

    Zayn is obviously really, REALLY ridiculously good-looking. But I find Liam totally adorable and I really like his personality, which is why I favour him most of the time. I love how cheeky Louis is too. Niall I'm indifferent to and Harry I just do not like. Never understood why he was always the fan favourite tbqh.

    Their whole album is awesome [with the exception of "Taken"] but my absolute favourites would have to be "Stole My Heart" and "Gotta Be You". But like seriously it's so hard because I like "One Thing", "Same Mistakes", "Everything About You", "Another World" and "More Than This" almost as much as those two. Guh, why did their album have to be so flawless? Not complaining...but still.

    I don't know if you know this but they're already recording new material for their next album. And if I know UK Pop music like I think I do, it should be released probably around Fall to capitalize on promotion from X Factor and such. Depending on if they have two singles preceeding the album release like they did with Up All Night, we could be hearing a new single by mid-Summer!
    I should have warned you there was no cure for the One Direction Infection :(
    But now that you're a proper fan, let's talk favourites. Song? Member?
    I spnet the entire time with a big grin on my face, giggling like a school girl and mouthing "wow" and "oh my god", whilst also admiring Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans looking sexy.
    I've seen one episode of it, and it was a pretty odd one given what I've read about the series. It was some kind of ancient native american artefact that did some mumbo jumbo or something. Sort of middle of a series episode I caught whilst channel surfing. I get the just of the show, I've watched The Lost Room which seems the have a similar premise. I think it could be good, but I'd need to watch it from the very beginning.

    Stop posting pictures of skinny boys on my profile :p
    Well at least they're both better than Louis.
    Niall gets brownie points for living near my granny. c:
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