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  • My school friends seem to be getting down to business, perhaps starting with President Obama's State of the Union tomorrow. One of my teachers cautioned that the speech itself would be rather boring, but there may be a few interesting tidbits that catch my attention in the response. I was a bit struck that Ursula's continued mockery of Dawn's contest skills may end up translating into greater derision of Dawn's friendship with Ash, but I trust that you guys will think through it after Thursday... which might prove doubly fun for my mind, given the circumstance I previously stated.
    Hey there. I see that quite a few Pearlshippers seem more focused on Ursula's possible impact on Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship. How are you doing?
    I'm starting to wonder how DP164's going to play out, since Pochama gets fustrated with the DMs and runs away from Satoshi-tachi. :O

    I know. All these weather conditions.. It's blasphemy I tell you! D:

    If you want - I don't mind. :3

    Kinda of topic, but; I just loved watching the Japanese version of the Wallace Cup. Haruka's theme, Hikari's theme, and the Battle Frontier theme (all original, vocal versions) playing during the performance rounds was pure win. ;w;
    Haha, yeah. Gotta love that dim-witted 'mon. x3 poor pochama! ;_;

    Yeah? Damn, I dun like it when it rains so hard. The past week where I live has been pretty hectic, what with the rain + thunder storm and a twister that passed a nearby county. I was almost convinced I'd freeze to death. xD=

    Yeah, I noticed last night. (I always check for updates on Pearl fics or new ones, haha. :3)
    ERIN hi! We haven't properly talked in, like, forever. ;_;

    I'm doing good! Just re-watching DP episodes that had the best Pearlshippyness. x3 Also stuck on gpxplus, haha. ^^; You?
    Hey! I've been doing pretty good, though I'm a little miffed on the Saints/Vikings game. But I'll get over it.

    Other than that, I managed to hack High Touch into Super Smash Bros Brawl. Now if I can the Dawn texture for Peach and the Ash texture for Pokemon Trainer, and record a match (preferably a teams match with those two characters on the same team, and winning), I'd be set >D


    Yeah the episode is going to be awesome and as an added bonus of what you putted there Barry is going to fangirl over Paul.

    edit : I mean fanboy over Paul XD
    Oh I have that episode also xP .

    And cool , after my graduation from High School me and my family are going to NY again for vacation but I am going to stay either with my Aunt who lives in Brooklyn or my uncle who lives in Long Island with my cousin atm but I think he was going to move to the Bronx or Brooklyn.
    It does. but hey we need a future right ? >.> .

    And after we finish school we must meet XD . Even though you are finishing it before me >.>
    Is ok is not like you hate me or you dun like me at all.

    That is awesome , that really helps . That will really expands your ideas an can make better the story xP .

    I have to do a lot of work in school tomorrow >.>
    lol Pochama is epic win always . Pokemon battles are always difficult to write . I really don't know how the writers do it xD . and Yay interesting chapters.

    you have left me alone ;;
    I understand. Thank you for accepting my offer, my friend, and success and good luck with whatever endeavors you undertake at your school this week. (saluting firmly)
    Oh . I remember about your story XD. and I get what you mean there , good luck on it =) .

    lol I really like that pic poor Pochama xD
    Aha. My apologies, then. To state my concern more clearly, would you like me to continue fusing Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship into my real-world interests, both at my school and in politics as a whole, and share what I've learned with you and the other Pearlshippers here and at Bulbagarden?
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