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  • Ok I understand what you mean XDDD , now that is funny nickname although you can't scream that on public XP. And NP what are friends for :p . Ah football , I am my school Punter (lololol ) . OMG You are a NY Giants fan XD , what a coincidence that I am also a NY Giants fan .

    Thanks for the Link I ma read it right away ^_^
    Ah NP there . I would like to hear that nickname for the Phillies XD.

    Alex Rodriguez just belted a 2 run homer so Yankees 5 and Angels 0.

    Well I love reading Pearlshipping stories so I don't mind reading them so I would love to read the one-shot.

    BTW which other sports you like to watch X3 ?
    Yankees will win this. Im shifting my attention to the dodgers though. They really have to win a game in philadelphia.
    Nothing much. Just that today's my bro's 21st b-day. I also have to log off soon due to homework...

    you? :)
    Lol The Red Necks XDDD . Funny name there XD. Ah didn't knew that sorry to hear that .

    Well : Yankees 3 and Angels 0

    Top of the 4 Bases Loaded and at bat : Damon

    There's your in game Report by Wil XP

    Thanks I will start to read it after the game is over =)
    Wow , lol . I still say that the Dodgers will win that Series if not I just hope the Phillies won't win another WS. Ugh don't mention the Red Sox u_U lol me and my dad just plain don't like them XP . He says that they are only a team with Good luck XD.

    Yeah I would like to read the story ^^ , link ? please and thank you :p

    *Runner on Second and Third for the Yankees with nobody out atm * lol I am acting like a reporter XP.
    That is really cool . *sigh* Mark Teixeira just Struck out DX with Damon on 2 base :p . Lol I like the Dodgers to . I just want them to beat the Phillies XP ( Not a Phillies fan here XD ) . I see you write Fics right ?
    lol well I like to read fics and I would like to reas a fic from you some day ^_^.
    Oh I see , lol I must remember the members of the thread XD.

    Well I Can say Yes and no but I am a fan of many sports , but my family is from NY so they are Yankees fans and I am always the one that sometimes like the other team so I am half of Angels fan XP.
    Hey there :eek: , I notice you sended me request so nice to meet ya ^^. Noticed that you recently joined so hope you have fun in here =).
    Correct me if I'm wrong but... aren't you the same Espeon 114x from FanFiction??


    -#1 fan of ur stories-
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