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  • you're mom plays games? XD I wish my mom were like that. But she's too old-fashioned to know the enjoyment of playing a Pokemon game. The only Pokemon whose names she remembers (from what I know) are Pikachu and Piplup's. xD
    really? that sucks. it's actually a pretty good saga. :)

    damn. My brother lost his Black for a while and he was beginning to freak out. xD i hope you find yours eventually.
    ah yeah.. I actually really like Best Wishes, but I haven't watched all the episodes. I think i'm just too lazy now. and I haven't played my White in a while >>; it was fun and all, but once you've beaten the champ, completed all side quests and caught all legendaries, it gets a bit...boring. plus i'm not much of a competitive battler or collector.. *shot*
    ahhh. yeah, i know how it feels. D:

    really? i found myself losing my obsession with pokemon a little a few months ago, but since BW has released I find myself back where I started xD
    No need to worry. I was in the middle of reviewing my current anime interests. As it happens, I now find myself using Pearlshipping as a main model for several other non-Pokémon couples that have gotten my attention and support recently. Hopefully, you find your Pokémon White game soon. Of course, I may have a few areas of ambivalence concerning Unova, but maybe that's just me as of this moment. Do you have a favorite Unova Pokémon, by any chance, old friend?
    i see.

    Btw, how's your progress on your fics? i haven't seen anything new. writer's block, i assume? xD
    hm~ well, there's no need to rush yourself. you can answer those topics when you're ready. :)

    i feel so active this week! i missed being here. xD
    I want to take a nice break until college starts next semester XD but hey at least you are getting it right ?:)
    Ah nice !! 3DS came out already and I am already former member of Gamestop , was just really tired from it so I decided to step down but they told me that If I ever wanted to come back , to notify them because they would gladly take me back XD , looks like I was really loved back there LOL
    haha, true. don't college students generally receive longer breaks, like Winter break? lucky. :p

    ikr? those days were golden to me. now it feels like the majority of known shippers have vanished. I don't blame them, as they probably have busy lives, but still. x(
    No prob~

    High school has it's perks. :>

    btw, Erin.. i miss the good ol' days of the pearl thread, y'know? with both PKs, sweetpika, voodoo-muffin, wil, etc... good times, good times. :') what do you think?
    Birthday? sweet! best wishes to you. :)

    i know, huh? school is the reason why I momentarily died here, but hey, what can I do? at least spring break has arrived. for that, I am grateful x)
    3Ds comes out March 27th , 2011 in the US :)

    Yeah tell me about it , school is the primary reason I am almost out every time :/
    Hey there. It would appear that my Pokémon White character is proceeding smoothly in Unova. Are you doing well so far in your home area?
    That's good to hear , well just finishing up high school here with lots of drama and bs , I don't play basketball anymore and I just still work at Gamestop but i think I am quitting after the 3DS launch but yeah a lot of things have been different in here :/
    Erin !!! :) it sure has been a very long time indeed :( and I miss you to :'( , how has life been treating ya ? :)
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