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  • really thief is a real job, not legally. so i am old enough to be on here. in europe you can get a job as a thief and get paid but if you get caught your in trouble. thank you very much
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    Because we were the first four people that appeared on the acctive users list at the bottom of the Serebii.Net Forums page.

    Well I just noticed he was banned anyways.
    I'm pretty sure it's still the Oblongs, I checked the schedule on my vcr. I think it'll be the Oblongs until the new season :(
    October 18th, less than a month now..
    Yeah, that one is definitley one of my faves. Poor naive Dean, getting practically raped D:
    Dean's my favorite character, I love it when he studders "Team b-boobies!" and Dr. O's "Who wants pizza rolls?" is another classic.
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