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  • I'm pretty sure I'm not a co-leader anymore because I was inactive for so long, but if that happens again I can try to open it up again
    Hey, wanna have a Random battle now?
    Edit: Sorry, nevermind. Serebii showed me a green light even though you were offline.
    I think i'm around HR 80 can't actually remember, its been a long time....lol, The hardest quests aren't actually that much harder once you are in a group of 3/4 with G rank gear, just takes time to farm for the rare drops :(

    So you went to San Francisco?
    Yes I do have the Wii U version! I haven't played monster hunter in so long I would be uber rusty :p. Let me know what your nintendo ID is when you get your U!
    Oh I was doing a trade with someone else lol. I assumed it was them. They were trading me a Darkrai for the Keldeo lol. I'll get on my other game.
    Ahhh, I see. Hm, I guess the only thing I could probably try is a 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD EV-spread and see where that goes. o.o (I have a feeling it might be too physically-defensive with that spread, though.)
    Hey Esch, mind sharing me your EV spread for Prankster Murkrow? I can't seem to find a decent suggestive spread for one. >.<
    The moveset I plan to go with, however is this: Roost / Quash / Taunt (possibly) / Foul Play (the Murkrow I was able to breed later on has 0 Attack IVs).
    Well you could buy it and patch the game into English, or take advantage of the PSPs easy to hack system. I'm actually looking forward to the jumping and I've always wanted to jump attack. But one thing that I don't like about it is when you stun them you rodeo them. That would be not good a team, watching one person ride them as everyone else stays back to not get hit.. And its not as good as Dragons Dogmas riding which is a lot better and fluid but easy
    I played tried up to gobul since like you said 3u basically covers everything from all the other 3s. Tri was actually the first monhun I played though, I loved it but ended up ditching it for P3 which is miles better.
    I didn't really care a whole lot about water, it wasnt bad but I preferred land hunting.
    I forgot you could transfer saves between the games. have you played P3rd?
    The only games I would play in another language is hunting type games, like toukiden and monhun, and only in Japanese since I don't know any other languages, and even then I only know the basics of Japanese but that's usually enough for hunting games especially mh where almost everything has icons next to them.
    Im guessing MH1 is the same as MHF but without the hitbox issues? I actually have it but I haven't played past the first hour cuz of unite. I kinda gave up on unite when I couldn't beat the dual tigrex nekoht quest but I do go back to it every now and then to get my *** handed to me.
    I didn't manage to beat either W2 or X before I got bored, I'm gonna try at at least beat the next one. I started with yellow and then played like every game in the series (1 out of 2 versions and all 3rd versions)
    Even if I did have a PS2 I wouldnt get MH1 because its such a chore. I've always wanted to play 2 though since its like Unite but without the ridiculous hitboxes. I dont really like how robotic mons were before 3 though, like rathian would literally charge like 10 times in a row, and if it didnt charge it would tail whip 20 times, los spending 3/4 of the time in the air, diablos, monoblos and cephalos underground all the time, plesioth always in the water...
    I used to be obsessed with pokemon too (I used to know base stats off by heart, names, typing without even thinking) but I guess I'm burned out for now since I've played it for like 12 years or something.
    Lol, I bought my PSP to play MH too x) Only got Unite though since it has basically everything from the other freedoms, and Portable 3rd (which was my favourite before 3U). Pinkian was my first wall too, since its like the first monster you fight in G rank. I actually quit playing for about 2 weeks because of it. But eventually I killed it and looking back I feel like a badass lol. Havent played it in a while but right now I'm at the endgame, stuck on Silver Los. After him I have Lucent Narga left to kill and that will be it. I'm not bothering with Abyssal Lagi and The Jhen Mohran subspecies cuz you unlock them at stupidly high HRs that I wont be bothered to reach since solo grinding is boring.
    Damn lucky you. All my irl friends have the PSP ones, none have gotten a 3ds yet so I've played 3U all alone :'( How far did you get?
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