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  • Hey Chaos Emerald, you're a mod, right? Didn't you used to be just an ordinary member?
    Or was it Chaos Rush I'm thinking of? Cuz you seem familiar...
    Ohhh, I remember you now!

    Um... I think I had the Amy sprite, I don't remember totally well, but I have had a bunch of Sonic characters. And yes, my first post had a loooooong list of crap.
    I used to be: ~Fusionboy Seth~, Cooltrainer Seth, XxBandannaBoyxx, and ~*OliverTwist*~. I don't think I posted in your thread more than once, I just looked at it everyday' so you probably don't even know me :p

    I hope your the person I am thinking of, you used to have a sprite of Amy and other characters from Sonic in your signature. And the first post had a long list of different mixes, re-elements, and scratches. Yes?
    Did you used to have a different name? I don't remember you.

    I still sprite for fun and for Pokeplushies competitions, but I don't post them here.
    Cool, I've never heard of anyone with a shiny Diglett before(maybe I don't know enough people :p) If you are reading this now, check your profile, I posted 2 new messages for ya
    My friend did actually get a shiny Diglett and traded it to me, and my other friend got a shiny Drowzee and after cloning he traded that to me. That's all I OFFICIALLY have though.
    lol, I'm still hunting that Kyogre after all this time, though, so not a lot has changed...

    Oh, and I'm recreating my Shiny Banner(s).
    Do u want 2 b one of the co-runners of a RPG I'm making? Also Jazmin (Jasmine) might be one to, so it will be run by 3 people.(Is that allowed?)
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