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  • Posting this here because apparently your pm box is full

    Hahaha, it'd be nice. No conflicts xD

    But then the people that are like me would be out of work :s

    Catch 22 xD

    I only want specific Pokemon hatchling in return.

    Well you have one already so this should be for others to have then!
    Hey! I posted something in my shop.

    Scroll down my list and you shall see 4th gen trade only.

    Hope you are interested in this!
    You mean American? Now you can get one yourself~

    Ok so I need to bring in ANOTHER Pokemon.
    Hard to meet you online though. I will be back 5 hours plus later...

    Maybe tmw? I am usually online in the mornings than in the afternoon.
    I'm talking with MagicMonkey now, and maybe I can get a unban I hope...
    And I don't know how to solve this problem with Trickster.
    He's acting mean to me and my friends.
    You know The Cricket and Trickster Zorua.

    Well, let's start.
    Trickster Zorua, he's a douche.
    He's reading all my VMs and responding to me or the other persons about the VMs...
    Then when I read two or three VMs from him accidentally, and give a reply to it.
    Then he's complaining and saying that he's going to report me...
    I unfriended him, and now he told to almost my whole friendlist that I'm a stalker and a spammer.....
    And he's doing the same to SuperPichu.
    Also, he's keep asking for roleplays, even when you don't want to roleplay at the moment, he keeps asking every half hour.
    And he always doing like he's the boss and stuff.
    Like it's his roleplay and only from him...
    And now he's having relationship with The Cricket, while SuperPichu is having a crush on The Cricket for a ages.
    And now is The Cricket ignoring TouyaBlack, while she was Touyas first friend or something like that.

    And I'm banned from the PO chat of Crystaline Guards, because I had a quarrell with somebody...
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