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Espeon EX
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  • In answer to your question, you may use it on other forums, just make sure you link it back to my shop.
    Your banner is ready over at Silver Souls Graphics! Thank you for choosing my shop!
    BLEAH!!! I Do not feel very well right now...my tempature is normal, but I feel sick. Please pray for me in hopes that I get better. Will still be on serebiiforums, though. Am Wathching Loony Tunes.
    Awesome! =D *giggle* THANK YOUUU!!! :D Would you like to check out the forum in my signature, too? :D I have LOTS of other friends there and you can meet all of them, plus they like PONIES!^^ A very funny cartoon that is really fun to watch. =D <3
    Sorry to let you know, but the definition of Rate My Team is to suggest new movesets/ideas for your team, even new team members. It would be viable for me to posts this:

    Espeon @ Twistedspoon

    Calm Mind
    Shadow Ball
    Morning Sun

    Psychic for a STAB bonus, pumped further by the Twistedspoon. Shadow Ball as a strong attack able of hitting Psychic/resistant types - Clam Mind for the raises and Morning Sun for healing.

    Read the rules before you comment about stuff regarding doing this.
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