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Last Activity:
Mar 21, 2010
May 18, 2009
Likes Received:
oklahoma, usa

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Espeon Trainer, from oklahoma, usa

espeon13x was last seen:
Mar 21, 2010
    1. ivanreal
      Dude your supposed to be on all day!!!:D
    2. bigjoec
      do u wanna battle me my code is 361001181805 pm me
    3. ~Wobbuffet~
      ur a gawd of teem buildin
    4. ShinyTentacruel
      thanks how do i message an administrator?
    5. ShinyTentacruel
      Hey im new, i think i got the virus and im honestly kinda scared what does the virus do and how do i know i got it? I didn't click play so did i get it? i posted this in ampys channel too cause you guys were taling about it
    6. Ampy
      Haha, yes we are
    7. Ampy
      Well, I reported him and now he's banned so...
    8. Ampy
      Ok, hopefully you don't get infracted though
    9. Ampy
      He's trying to spread that virus link everywhere, he has 8 threads with the same thing -_-
    10. kyogre A
      kyogre A
      not right now, im pretty busy.>.<
    11. kyogre A
      kyogre A
      hi do you want to battle in pokemom battle revolution me code 0860-9176-5736 Thank you ^_^
    12. Plasma Dragon
      Plasma Dragon
      Alright, just let me know. =)
    13. Plasma Dragon
      Plasma Dragon
      Cool, and thanks for welcoming me. =) Wanna Battle and/or Chat sometime?
    14. Plasma Dragon
      Plasma Dragon
      Hey, just meeting people who like the same Pokemon. =) (I used an Espeon ingame <3)
    15. bad shadwo
      bad shadwo
      no i dont mind mail or femail
    16. Gren Draco
      Gren Draco
      ohhhh just a defensive set?
      Honestl donphan can always deal decent damage, it has base 110 attack or something.
      for the EV's just use 252HP/252Def/6Atk.
      with something like Donphan that has no recovery you really need all the defensive EV's you can get.
      Why Seed Bomb? it gets crappy coverage really. Especially since it's only good for hitting Swampy/Quagsire/Gastrodon. Otherwise EQ hits for almost the same damage if seed bomb's only 2x Effective. it's a waste of a moveslot as it doesn't vastly improve donphan's coverage at all.
      just use knock off in that slot, as it disrupts ghosts who switch in to block spin, especially rotom. It's also just a generally good move to use on something like donphan, as if you can knock off lefties on the switch it allows you to beat a lot of walls one on one.
    17. Gren Draco
      Gren Draco
      lol, thanks.
      and what kind of donphan do you want to use?
      And i'll make a set for you :-)
      Ice shard is crap, it only 2HKO's Salamence after stealth rock damage, wereas salamence KO's with +1 outrage. Stone Edge is much more useful.
    18. Pokemon-Dratini
    19. Pokemon-Dratini
      yeah its good that he did, i hate when you train one fro a long time, then find out it isnt exactly what you planned on
    20. Pokemon-Dratini
      awesome, thats great : D
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  • About

    oklahoma, usa
    Favourite Pokémon:

    music, video games


    platinum friend code: 5327-7334-5546
    name: rand
    http://i40.*******.com/51r1nk.gif TRDP=160
    http://i27.*******.com/308w9yf.jpg Points=100
    credit to umbreon13x to both of these^^^^^
    my shinies(i finally got some)dragonite, espeon, larvitar, tentacool, treeko, and chansey. :D
    proud owner of 2 Hadou(Wave) Mews, a MYSTRY mew, a WISHMKR jirachi, a Shaymin, a Manaphy, a Shokotun Pichu, a 10ANNIV lugia, and a TRU shaymin. :D all legit.