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  • I've only got a learners permit. I've not real fond of driving and I don't have a car anyway so I haven't gotten around to getting a license yet.
    I've been okay. Started college back in August and thats been fairly good. This is the last week of the semester, finals week, and next week i have surgury to get my wisdom teeth out :/

    So, how have you been then?
    I just liked how OOZ was so much more considerably darker than the other zones, without going the whole dead bodies route. It was a fresh outlook.

    The list of zones I listed in the thread had as many different terrains as I could think of for each version of the game. Different environments is the better choice; I don't think anyone wants to trek through GHZ, EHZ, SHZ, AIZ, Casino Night Zone, Carnival Park Zone, Spring Stadium Zone, and Casino Street Zone only, lol
    I'm looking forward to it; the recent gameplay videos from Gametrailers show that the Modern portion of the gameplay may be a step above Colors's levels. As for levels, I think it goes without saying that Chemical Plant Zone and Casino Night Zone were the two most requested levels from Sonic 2, so if Casino Night is in the 3DS version, there's a good chance that Chemical Plant is in the console version. I probably won't get my oil Ocean zone though :/

    I don't have any of the systems, but my brother has a Ps3, and I've got until the holiday to get my own 3DS.
    Thats okay. I try to stay out of everyone else's personal lives, in hopes that everyone else won't try digging into my own life. It generally doesn't seem to work though......
    No problem.
    I've been good. Nothing much has happened recently, besides state testing in school. How have you been?
    Didn't you say you were in college? What year are you in? What major are thinking of going into?
    Well, I do like my ships, but I tend to stay away from the shipping threads, because, more often than not, I have no idea what to say in there. But Pokeshipping is my OTP, and even though I said I like Advanceshipping, it's a major shadow of what it once was, back when I first watched the 6th movie. GCYL made me reconsider PS, amusingly.

    I don't have the PS3 version of the game, but I've seen videos of the game, and it really beats the Wii version in every way. If I get enough money, I may get that version of the game as well. And yeah, people really lash out at the night stages, but I really don't mind them. I even enjoy those levels to an extent.
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