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  • Okay I am able to trade now. Can we trade with voice chat off by pressing the X button? I am heading into wifi now.
    You want to trade a shiny Eevee (Hasty) and the shiny UT ranger Manaphy for my UT shiny Regice and shiny flawless Cyndaquil correct?
    Okay we don't need any TMs anymore. However if you are willing to trade one of your shiny Eevees and your UT shiny Ranger Manaphy. I would need to know which Regi you would be interested or if you would be interested in 2 Regis and no Cyndaquil. Also the shiny Regigigas is Japanese but the other 3 Regis are English.
    While it would be pretty much any rare TMs. I would also be willing to trade on of the Regis for one your shiny Eevees with a Hardy nature I believe.
    What are the TM or TMs you have? I probably will be able to trade in about 30 minutes or so. Would you be able to trade in about 30 minutes or so?
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